Amelia - "The obese one".

Friday, 27 July 2012

My name is Laura and I am a mother to an obese child

I want to take this time to talk about my wonderful, beautiful twenty month old daughter, Amelia. She is obese. She was born on the 28th of November 2010, two weeks early at 8lb 11oz, was a breastfed child and between the age of 3 months to 8 months she had gone right up the charts on weight gain. Despite the fact that the only fluids she consumed was breastmilk and the only solids from six months were pureed vegetables made at home, somehow she gained a lot of weight. It didn't stop.

After numerous appointments with the health visitor and GP we finally got an appointment with a paediatrician in February. After blood tests came back normal we had to write down all food consumed, all drinks, weigh them individually and photograph them. Today was our second appointment with the paediatrician and the dietician said her diet was fine, not high in fat or sugar so she couldn't see the problem. In the four months since our last appointment my daughter has gained 2kg equating to two bags of sugar despite her diet being the same and having much more exercise. It is confusing to us.

Her diet is normal. It includes sugar free squash, a few treats, meat, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, water, juice - no fast food or lots of sweet treats. Essentially what you would normally feed your child. An ice cream here and there or some fun sized Milky Way's through the week but not a diet of processed crap or McDonalds. Her sister who is two and a half years older than her has the exact same diet and is underweight borderline normal. Two polar opposite children.

So on Monday morning my precious baby is being admitted to hospital for a week for a strict calorie counted diet and horrible tests to test for everything else. While our nights will be split so we both get to see both children it is going to be difficult. I have hoped and prayed to all that I've ever believed in that it is simply my fault. I can deal with it being my fault. I can be in control and change her diet, give her more exercise, do more. I still hope it's my fault. I don't want my beautiful, intelligent and sweet baby to have to deal with an illness.

People stare at her in the street. People make rude comments. People assume I feed her fast food and load her food with salt. People everywhere. Family. Friends. Strangers. Everyone has an opinion. Not everything is so cut and dry. Not everything is black or white. This is a huge grey area for her doctors and for us. We don't know what is happening but everyone else seemingly does. We are toxic parents to raise our child this way but we don't know in what way we're supposed to be raising her. We're just doing what we think is correct, not being told it's incorrect and everyone is pacing halls with notes and sharp tools to poke and prod her. We're agitated. We're anxious. We're scared. Salad won't fix her but as of Monday, professionals might.


  1. What a gorgeous little girl. It must be so hard to have to deal with this and not know what's wrong. To me, she doesn't look obese at all. All babies have a certain amount of 'puppy fat' - I know my little boy does already and he's only 4 months! There's so many pressures out there - are they too big, are they not big enough, are they developing properly. It's hard, especially for first time mums, cos all babies are different, but in your case I really hope you get the answers you need and that Amelia is ok.

    Don't think i'd be able to hold my tounge at people who stare and make comments. Good luck sweet x

    1. Thank you. Both of my babies were big but now Layla has turned into a slight little thing while Amelia just keeps expanding. I hope the nurses and doctors will provide answers that I'm unable to. I'd hate for this problem to follow her into school and then into her adult years. I've never followed the health visitor's chart as it says that Layla is short and underweight when two years ago she was tall and overweight. It's troubling that Amelia is putting on all of this weight despite her diet and exercise though, especially when from 18 months she's been in (hemmed to her height) age 3-4 clothes.


  2. Hey! :)
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    1. Thank you. I'll get round to it :) xo.

  3. thank-you for the comment my lovely, i think she's utterly adorable, those eyes make me squeal with happiness! i really hope your able to sort everything out as soon as possible. don't even consider the ugly people that make comments!

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

    1. Her eyes really are gorgeous. I try not to give thought to the comments because I admit I can be as judgey as the rest but it's hard when it hits close to home. I've always bitten my tongue so far which is a big achievement for me! ;).

      Thank you for your kind words, Lily xo.

  4. What a babe. I really, really hope that you get the answers that you need. What ever happens hold your head high and ignore those awful, rude people who make comments. Low life scum.


  5. That's so sad :( I hope she's ok and they find out what's going on xxx