George at ASDA

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I wanted to compile a little wishlist of items I'd like from none other than the bargain brand of George at Asda. I do my food shopping in Asda and since the clothes are right there I can never tear myself from having a little look. I usually find something I love for a great price, be it children's clothes or adults. I'm not a huge fan of their menswear or accessories but their G21 collection is really rather nice.

1. I love this sleeveless dress. I had my eye on the navy polka dot one too but I think this black one can be worn with bright jeans so it's my personal favourite.
2. This bird print onesie is fantastic. I already own a similar one but the print on this is too gorgeous to leave for only £8!
3. The metallic belt is obviously very cheap and can look cheap but it's perfect to wear with an all black or tan outfit to add some shine.
4. I need a scarf cape. I haven't seen it in person yet so I can't say how soft or warm it's likely to be but I'll be buying it.
5. Lastly, a pair of nude ballet flats because who doesn't need more ballet flats? Certainly not me. I know nude is probably not the best colour as it will attract scratches and dirt but they would go perfectly with a dress I already own therefore for £7 I need them.

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