How Laura Lives*

Thursday, 19 July 2012


1. I love this owl cushion. I bought the girls one each from Dunelm Mill but I think I need one (or three) for the big window seat in my bedroom.
2. I've seen these plant pots from Ikea all over the internet and now I'm determined to buy some to store my make-up brushes. Who knows? I could even end up using one as an actual plant pot.
3. This lamp says it all really. I adore the print and it would look adorable in 'my room'**.
4. This fabric caught my eye to make roller blinds with. It's white fabric with black written numbers on it. It would look perfect in my kitchen to cover up the windows. I have an irrational (or not so irrational) phobia of looking into the windows at night and seeing someone staring at me so I definitely need window coverings.
5. My sofa's are looking a big old now so what better way to revamp than with a lovely throw that would fit in to the beige and blue shabby chic theme nicely?
6. I've eyed up these tables for about four years now so it's time I get one for my room.

* How Laura Lives is an idea I've had where I make collages of the things I have recently purchased/want for my home. I've lived here for a year now and haven't done too much to the place despite desperately wanting to. 2012 is the year.
** 'My room' is the spare box room in the house. At the moment it's magnolia with nothing but a bed in but within a few months it will be transformed into a mini office with a desk, beauty bits and pieces, lots of cushions to turn the bed into a day bed etc. I have so many ideas for such a small space so I really need to scale them down but also make the room liveable as it's where my partner's son sleeps when he stays over one night a week.


  1. I'm wearing a 10 in the vest/dress so it is pretty oversized! xx

    1. Thank you. I'm a 16-18 and hope the 14 will just act fitted x

  2. Good idea/bad idea?

    Laura xo.

  3. I'm in love with the Owl cushion, I think I might have to buy it. Cute blog by the way!

    xo Natasha