The beach & production work.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

So today we have done a lot. At 9:45am we hopped on a coach to Porthcawl which is a lovely town with a beach about an hour away. After eating burgers, being depressed about the weather, being joyful that the weather turned from dreary to scorching hot, seeing donkeys and horses, taking Layla on her first mini rollercoaster and dodgems, paddling in the sea, making sandcastles, writing our names in the sand, buying ice cream and candyfloss, taking a half an hour walk to the nearest newsagent, playing in the park and burning in the unexpected heat, we walked a mile home and crashed. Only I didn't because instead I got to do my first bit of extra work as a hen to one of my best friend Dani's roles as the bride to be. We got free wine and feather boas and got to dance around acting fools in front of a load of crew for a scene in a short film called The Money Doctor 2. It was a great time and I got to meet some fabulous people, one of them being Dani's boyfriend/director after hearing about him all this time! From what I saw him and all of the crew were fantastic and we managed two scenes in two hours despite running an hour behind schedule. Fantastic stuff.

This was just a quick update as now I'm off to shower and go to bed as I'm up in six hours and I'm literally dead on my feet with so much work and fun!

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  1. where did you get the coach to Porthcawl from and how much was it?