What Laura Did: An update.

Monday, 6 August 2012
I've been gone for over a week and it's been a busy one. I haven't had time to take many photos apart from a few sporadic posts on Instagram (you can follow me at whatlauradidxo) and I haven't had the time or energy to sit down and actually write anything. I do have posts lined up for the rest of the week and I'm back on normal Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Blogger duty so if you're a new follower comment below and I'll check out your blog.

So, Amelia. I just don't know where to start. We were only in hospital for four days but with four days of barely any sleep, trying to keep a four year old entertained during visiting hours, being woken every few hours for blood tests or by a screaming child and horrible expensive meals, it felt like an eternity. I slept on a reclining chair with a blanket and hoped I wouldn't wake up stiff the next morning but I inevitably did. Luckily she is fine as far as they can tell but they wanted the bed space so they sent us home on a strict 900 calorie diet and we'll be monitored at the hospital clinic monthly. If the tests all come back negative and she's maintaining her weight on the diet it will all be blamed on nutrition which I am happy about as it means I'm in control of it. Layla didn't understand why she was in and my fiance and I barely saw each other apart from visiting hours and the changeover. It was difficult but it wasn't a life time.

I have failed at quitting smoking. The stress got to me and I lasted until the day I got the news of the hospital admittance (so four and a half days) so today I am back on the wagon. It has been a matter of hours so it certainly isn't anything to brag about but it's a start and everyone has to start somewhere.

In other news I've been drinking a lot of coffee, getting excited about meeting the South Wales Bloggers for a meet in September, finding the perfect dress for my sister-in-law's hen night at the end of the month, arranging things for her wedding at the beginning of next month, fretting about school uniform for September, watching Season 4 of Castle, anxiously anticipating the beginning of my favourite TV show's again in the autumn, trying to work unsuccessfully, unsuccessfully trying to keep a tidy house, living on a very tight budget and hoping the weather is warm and sunny for our trip to the beach on Wednesday.

Thank you all for your kind words regarding Amelia and the smoking. They really helped me get through.

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