Eyelure Individual False Lashes

Tuesday, 11 September 2012
Eyelure Individual Lashes

First of all, I'm sorry for the bad quality of the photos. My phone is playing up and won't focus the way it should. I'm trying to get a new digital camera.

So, false eyelashes. I like Eyelure lashes but I don't love them. I find the glue to be very good but the lashes themselves no better in quality than the strip lashes I buy from Hong Kong (99p for 10 sets!) Luckily I was given this set by my friend Christina as I wouldn't go out and purchase these, even if they are only a little more than £5.

First off, they are very long. The medium length are long. The long ones are astronomically long. Great for those who want a very dramatic effect but I suffer from very short eyelashes and mild alopecia so all I want is to look relatively normal in the eyelash department. Applying these was tricky and the end result wasn't worth the faff, if I'm honest. They needed trimming and by doing so I cut off some parts of my own tiny eyelashes which doesn't help matters and the glue dried oddly and even though it was applied evenly and spreaded while on, I ended up with tiny crusty glue balls on my eyes. Not nice.

All in all, these will be great if you want a dramatic look or to thicken yours up and are much cheaper than eyelash extensions but I will be sticking to my easy to trim, Eyelure or not, strip lashes.


  1. Ohhhhh no, honestly as much as I love the effect .((if I can't get them in right)) of fake eyelashes,, I just feel like they are such a hassle...that's why I only do them for big occasions lol...... Your blog is adorable bye the way, super cute! I am just starting out any tips on how to get more followers?

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    1. The strip lashes barely take me any time at all now as I just use the very thin, medium length so as not to look too done over the days. It can be a hassle though so all the girls who wear them 24/7 have my respect and commiserations!

      I'm checking yours out now. I'm really not in a position to give tips but commenting like this and being interested in other bloggers is a good start be they quite famous or unknown!

      Laura xo