What Laura Thinks About: Wigs! (Review)

Monday, 17 September 2012

The 'Layla' full wig** courtesy of Annabelle's Wigs*

So, wigs. When did it become such a taboo? Is it still a taboo? Can celebrities get away with it because they're just that, celebrities? Can I only wear them as fancy dress or on a night out in an ironic way? It seems that way sometimes and to that I put on my fancy hair over my natural greasy mess and walk along confidently.

I wear wigs a lot. I have many different lengths, styles and colours and while sometimes I'll wear my natural medium brown hair naturally (it's at that growing out stage that just hits the shoulders), half the time I just can't be bothered. I want to look done and wigs allow me that freedom of changing my hair all of the time without the damage from chemicals and heat. I started to buy from a shop on eBay which were alright but about a year and a half ago I discovered Annabelle's Wigs. They have a great range of styles, lengths and colours to choose from and most of the wigs and synthetic hair extensions they do come under £30! A bargain if ever I've seen one but what about the quality?

I have issues with some wigs. While they all claim to be 100% Kanekalon which feels like real hair, most will go matted within a week of wearing them, especially at the nape of your neck where the hair rubs the most. They'll start to look worn, broken and stuck together so there's no way you can pull that off as a natural look. With these wigs I experience the matting within a month and I can save it after that. It takes time but as long as you brush these wigs with either your fingers or a synthetic hair brush and keep them stood upright when drying or not being worn they can last for months and months with daily wear. I wear mine around 3/4 times a week so that's brilliant for me. £30 is the price of a cut and blow dry where I am so £30 for a new colour, cut and style that's efficient and can be changed whenever? I'm there.

Wigs may still be too far for people to use every day. I know someone who uses a lot of hair extensions but refuses to wear a wig even though until I mentioned it she just thought I used extensions and changed my colour a lot! Wigs don't have to be a staple part of your outfit but I find there is so much choice from natural to not-so-natural that it's a crime not to. The wig comes with adjustable straps inside a netted cap and all you do is adjust the strap to your head size (not too tight as they can give you a bit of a headache), tuck all of your hair inside (or under a hair net for those with long hair), brush through and adjust it to your liking. With these wigs you can't use heat on them but there are a range that they do that can take heat. I haven't tried them myself but I'm sure they're worth the extra money if you wanted to wear yours a lot.

A few tips:
1. Run a tiny amount of baby powder over the hair to dampen the shine and make it look more natural.
2. A wig with a fringe (side or full) looks more natural and wear a hairband or a hat to cover the parting if it looks too unnatural for your liking.
3. If you don't have a wig stand hook the netting cap over the shower head so the length can hang freely to dry/when you're not wearing it as it helps to avoid tangling.

I'm currently lusting after this dip dye wig and this bright red wig.

What do you think of wigs? Which wig from Annabelle's are you lusting after?

* Annabelle's Wigs very kindly sent me this item to review but that hasn't affected my view at all considering I have previously spent money there and will continue to use them for my wigs.

** I tried to take the photos in natural light inside and also in direct light outside to show you all the natural tones and highlights.


  1. I love the idea of wigs. My hairdresser has never died her hair in her life and says that she never will. She just has a huge collection of wigs and wears a different colour/style as and when she fancies. Its a shame that they're usually quite pricey though xx

  2. I love wearing wigs and dont care if others consider it to be a taboo or not. I've been suffering from hairloss and wearing wigs give me that boost in my confidence to step out of my house move to places. I've been buying wigs from the online store of Elevate Styles. Plz share your recommendations for newbies in selecting wigs. Thanks.