Hello again.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

So, I've been gone for a little while and while I was planning on staying gone until Monday 29th October when I would have had more content from Cardiff Fashion Weekend, I couldn't resist. I got back into Twitter tonight for Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor and ended up catching up with a few bloggers which made me realise how much I've missed whittling away the hours online finding new blogs, talking to new people and blogging myself. Especially since #bbloggers is tomorrow evening and although I have caught up with the recaps I really want to be involved in the next one.

I've been caught up in a whirlwind of crap. Torrential crap. Arguments with family members, huge financial difficulties, huge life changing decisions that have to be made within the next few months, mourning over my planned wedding that might not be, children with tonsilitis resulting in midnight trips to the out of hours doctors, no time with my friends apart from via text and a pain flare up that saw me spending a whole 32 hours in bed unable to move down the stairs to the toilet without my partner helping me out. I've felt worn down, confused, depressed, in pain, exhausted, tearful - actually, a whole range of emotions - and blogging was on my mind but put in a neat little box at the back.

I am back. I do have most of these problems still happening but they have quietened, I have some time to make the big decisions and I've realised that I love blogging and reading blogs so much that it would be more detrimental to not blog during these difficult times than to sit down for an hour or two and to let it all out.

So, I may be absent for a few more days while I'm writing posts (some reviews on foundations, hair products, a novel, a lifestyle post about Newport & one soon about Cardiff, hopefully a mini-haul mid next week and on the Monday I should have a post about Cardiff Fashion Weekend) but there will be more photographs and less of me rambling on about my personal life in the next few posts.

Are you interested in seeing any specific content here? Let me know either by email or via comments!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are going through so much shit Laura. It is lovely to see you back though and hopefully blogging will help take your mind off a few things. xx

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about your current problems sweetie, I hope they disappear soon!

    Keep your head up high and hopefully your blog can act as your stress-diary. My blog helped me get through so many hard times recently.

    Good luck with everything.

    *new follower*



  3. sounds like you've been having a miserable time!Hope you're feeling loads better now :) 32 hours in bed sounds like a nightmare!x