How Laura Lives

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A (not perfect) view from the bedroom window | The living room and a puppy | The living room after the chaos of the day | Our not-so-good storage space | A book leaf light shade still drying and before trimming that I customised | The view from my dinner spot | The kitchen - as organised as it gets | A shot of the girl's reading area | The mural the kids helped to draw and paint on the landing.

So, my home. I share it with my fiance, our two children and our labrador puppy. It's an old house that creaks and scares me a lot, it's always cold in here and I love it. We've been here almost two years now but have never really had the money to do it up as we'd like so we've painted a few walls here and there but haven't put up many shelves, decorated properly or really added the personal stamp that I want to. It is a work forever in progress and I stick to charity shop finds, second hand bargains and saving for a few touch up's.

So, this is my home. It is not my perfect space but with enough time, care and money, it will be. A few shelves, more personal touches and a lick of fresh paint and it will be a beaut.


  1. Your home is gorgeous hun, love hoe cosy it looks :)Ax

  2. Your home looks lovely. We too live in an old creaky home and are trying our best to make it our own with very little money. It takes a while but we're getting there.
    Love the mural on the landing. x