Operation 'Deep Clean'

Wednesday, 24 October 2012
So, as you all know I have my own (rented) house and as much as I love having my own space there are times I really miss being sixteen or seventeen and living at home. Coming home from school, college or work (more likely a night out) to a clean house that smelled fresh with clean clothes and a meal on the table. Now there's nobody to do that for me apart from my boyfriend and let's be honest, if I take advantage of his borderline OCD tendencies it's a little exploitative. So this week is operation deep clean. We've already started by washing the seat and back cushions of the sofas and the throws to get rid of any excess dog hair and any worn in smell. We have a labrador who I love with my entire life but my God nobody told me they shed as much as they do! I sweep daily and every day I'll find a mass of hair on the end of my brush.

So, I'm going to write a list. This is more for my benefit than yours but if you were thinking of 'Autumn cleaning' your house there may be something here you can take and use.

  • Wash the floors with Dettol
  • Wash all the skirting boards in the house
  • Wash all bedding and removable linen such as curtains, nets, pillow cases etc
  • Clean the hob, grill and oven properly (more than just a wipe down with a kitchen cleaner)
  • Donate at least 20% of the girl's and my clothing to charity as we have far too much
  • Adopt a 'one out, one in' policy
  • Light scented candles every evening to ensure the house smells sweet
  • Clean off windowsills
  • Clean the fridge, inside and out
  • Call in the carpet cleaners to get rid of any pesky stains on the stairs and landing carpet before I can afford to replace it
  • Dust every surface down with a microfibre cloth
  • Turn the mattresses
  • Run the dishwasher and the washing machine on an empty cycle for a thorough clean
  • Beat pillows and rugs outside
  • Organise the shelves so they look remotely presentable

    My house is not disgustingly untidy - it's general mess, I would say although my bedroom is usually a bit of a tip with washing piles and a floordrobe going on. I like to make the house feel fresh and clean because while I love living here it's always in the back of my mind that this is someone else's property and no matter how long we live here, it will always be so I like to treat it as I would like someone to treat my home ie. do whatever you like but put it back the way it was when you leave.

    After the deep cleaning has been done, I get working on the spare room which is going to be turned into my blogging area/office. I have big plans but those big plans may just have to be on hold until after Christmas.


    1. Good luck! I could do with doing all of the above but struggle to find the time, and am also very lazy :-/ xx

      1. I'm struggling with the list if I'm honest but it does need to be done :(

        Laura xo