Rituals Eye Cream

Sunday, 28 October 2012
* Rituals Rich & Firming Eye Cream £23.50

What Rituals say: Contains firming botanical extracts and an anti-wrinkle complex. For a visibly smoother eye contour. Apply with the finger tips, gently tapping around the eyes. For an optimal result, apply before the face cream.

While this is an anti-ageing product and I am a mere twenty three years old I feel that this has really benefitted me. Has it eased me ever deepening crows feet? No but then, it doesn't claim to. This is what I love about this eye cream - it claims to be moisturising and to nourish the delicate skin around the eyes but it doesn't claim to be a miracle potion or that it would reduce wrinkles or dark circles with a few swift applications. I am always dubious of products which lament that they're miracle products but this little jar is just a pot of intensely moisturising cream that is advised to be tapped on gently with the fingertips before facial moisturiser.

While 15ml may not sound like a lot for £23.50 it really is as you need such a small amount. I literally tap my finger in and it's enough to spread around both eyes and feel like they're really getting a lot of product. I have been using this every morning and a little more every evening for five days now and I honestly feel like the skin under my eyes is a lot less dry and worn. While my dark circles can only be reduced by concealer and while the lovely crows feet I found when I turned twenty one are still there, this cream really is rich and nourishing. Judging by the ingredients I have no reason to doubt that over time the cream would help improve elasticity in the skin and in turn that would help with the ageing process.

I love the packaging. I was wary about getting fingerprints all over the pretty mirror lid but if there are any strays a baby wipe would sort those out. It looks very elegant on my dressing table and while I should be thinking of the quality of the product instead of the packaging, nice packaging helps. I am such a magpie - anything shiny and it's a winner. The scent is lovely, not too heavy but definitely smells like a 'cream' but more natural. I have an idea of what I'm talking about even if you don't. It's an eye cream that I enjoy using as part of my twice daily routine and which has made a significant difference in the way my skin feels to the touch so I would definitely repurchase this when I run out.

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