What Laura Pinned: The Perfect Home

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

All images with their original credit can be found on my Home board here

As I said in my Etsy favourites post, I am a Pinterest addict. When I finish repinning I often emerge from my mental cave and ask what year it is. There should be a support group. Before Pinterest I had ideas of what my perfect home would look like but they were nothing thoughts but being on Pinterest has given me real insight into how I would love my home to look. Above are a few of my favourite images from my 400 image strong Home board (that doesn't take into account the home ideas that have been spread everywhere from Children to Christmas boards, either). In short, I am obsessed with creating the perfect home/wardrobe/wedding/child's life and I don't have the money, time or energy to do this. Instead of taking these issues to therapy I take them to Pinterest.

I was thinking of making this a weekly feature. Kind of a 'What I've been pinning' post every Tuesday so you can see what I like and maybe get some inspiration yourself. It wouldn't just be interiors every week but everything from organisation tips, weddings, recipes, children's lifestyle, style etc. My question to you is, do I do a post with these categories mixed up weekly so there's 'something for everyone' or do I dedicate different categories to different weeks? Let me know if you like these kinds of posts because I definitely love spending more time on Pinterest to write these.

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