Get Happy

Thursday, 22 November 2012

"You're never fully dressed without a smile"

I've been struggling for things to write here so I turned to Twitter for some suggestions. Ruby mentioned that she enjoyed a post I had written a few weeks ago about things that made me happy and I suggested I wrote a secondary list. Not secondary in terms of happiness, though.

- Friends. Not just any friends but best friends. At the age of twenty four it always seemed alien to me that I would have a best friend but I do and she is beautiful. She never fails to perk me up on a bad day, she knows far more than she probably should and she just makes me very very happy. I joke that she's my wife but it's not much of a joke as it's much more of a reality. Her name is Christina.
- Organisation.
- Murder/crime thrillers. Films, novels, true crime; I'm in.
- Feeding the ducks at the pond or the goats at the farm.
- Good penmanship.
- The perfect biro.
- Clean, crisp white sheets.
- The way my daughter's eyebrows raise when she laughs.
- Baileys. In a glass, over ice, in the bottle.
- Intelligent debates.
- The word 'juxtaposition'.
- Idiosyncrasies.
- Beards, especially on my fiancé as he looks twelve without one.
- Karaoke in dangerously high heels.
- The feeling of getting tattooed.
- Nostalgia.
- A pristine new eyeshadow or blush.
- Jennifer Lawrence as a person and as an actor.
- Leonardo DiCaprio's voice (the best celebrity voice bar Morgan Freeman).
- The way my four year old daughter knows more Welsh than I do.
- Glitter tipped manicures.
- Beautiful people who don't know they're beautiful.
- Country cottages.
- Effortless elegance.
- People without an air of pretence or arrogance.
- Knowing I have power over my own mind and my own body and that my daughter's do too.
- Being prepared.
- The smell of freshly mown grass and petrol.
- The way my huge labrador likes to lay in my arms like a small child. It's not really practical happiness though.

There are lots of things that make me happy but sometimes I get sad for no reason at all.


  1. I love this post. I think it is so lovely to read things like this, and it's so true that it's the small things in life that lead to true happiness. Money and things wont bring you that! x

    1. It's always the little things. Money does certainly help though ;)

      Laura xo

  2. My favourite word is 'Phantasmagorical'
    reading your blog makes me happy!

    1. Phantasmagorical is fabulous. I love words! I love you!

      Laura xo

  3. Love this :) I adore people's idiosyncrises!! Also nostalgia, refelcting on happy times in the past is what I do when I'm feeling down.


    1. Glad you like it Natasha!

      Laura xo

  4. great blog

    1. Thank you and thank you for your email xo