Review: Rituals Skin Energy Serum

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

*Rituals Skin Energy Serum - £27.50

What Rituals say: Ultra concentrated. Promotes radiant skin and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. For flawless, radiant looking skin. Apply morning and/or evening to face and neck. Wait for the serum to be absorbed. Finish with a day or night cream.

I've never used a serum before, much less one that claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines. At the ripe age of twenty three I don't have much need for anti-ageing products just yet but as I've heard many times, your mid-twenties are the best time to get into these products. I've been giving this serum a road test now for a few weeks alongside the Rituals Eye Cream I blogged about a little while back and I quite like it. I have to be careful not to put too much on though as it ends up peeling away if I rub my face so two pumps is enough to cover my entire face and my neck. I put this on day and night after my cleanser but before the eye cream and moisturiser. It's definitely lighter than a cream and much thinner so sometimes I'll pump on to the back of my hand, move suddenly and it'll drip but as long as I'm careful it doesn't happen a lot. It's a product that I love the scent of as it's quite fresh and once I smooth it onto my skin it sinks in almost instantly. It doesn't feel oily or like it leaves a film (although too much and it does) and is really just a lovely product to use. I've never thought of using a serum before my moisturiser even though I had been researching eye creams to buy to use especially at night. This anti-ageing business has been shoved down my throat and I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of miracle product claims and too many lotions and potions.

I really like this product but I don't think I will be repurchasing it for the simple reason that I don't think I need it. For £27.50 it's a big price for something that just feels nice and I would rather put the money towards repurchasing the Rituals eye cream which I feel I would benefit more from. I will still use up the entirety of this bottle with no issues at all and when I do feel like I need a serum, no doubt after the experience I've had this will be the first product I purchase.

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