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Wednesday, 7 November 2012
This tag was started by Sophia of TattooedTeaLady and I picked it up from Georgina of Make Up Pixi3. I know I've not long completed the I Heart Fall tag but I thought I would post this one for good measure too.

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
I started this blog in June of this year but not blogging regularly until the September. I didn't start gaining followers until October of this year though. My blog is still a baby and I'm still new on the beauty blogging scene.

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
Sadly, some of my favourite fashion and beauty blogs from 2005 are no longer online or being run by the same person as in the past so I can't link them. I have known Victoria from VIP XO for a long time over the internet so her blog inspires me on a daily basis to see how far she's come and how successful she has become. I also frequent other beauty blogs that I'll link in a post later this week all about the blogs I love to read and those who inspire me.

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?
I tried MUA due to the hype on YouTube, Twitter and beauty blogs and now the entire brand is a firm staple in my make-up collection. I'm on a very tight budget at the best of times so their products (which are exceptional quality for the price) cater to my taste while still being easy on the purse. I would have to say the first thing I ever bought due to the hype though as a single product would have to be the Urban Decay Naked palette. It really does live up to the hype and while it's the most I've ever spent on one beauty product, it's completely worth it in my opinion.

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger? I love the inspiration and ideas I get from blogs whether it's a recommendation for a new product that I buy and fall in love with or tips and tricks from other bloggers on technique and multiple uses for products. I love the community that comes with blogging and the support you get from strangers on the internet urging you to push forward with your blog because it's something you love to do. I love the excitement of finding a product I love and writing about it for everyone to see. I also love that it's mine and I can write whatever I like here. While it's mostly beauty related now I have been trying to integrate lifestyle posts and I hope to start getting more lifestyle content going along with fashion posts when I acquire a new camera.

What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?
I've learned to say what I think. I wouldn't say a product was great if I didn't think it was, even if it is a PR sample. If it doesn't work for me, it doesn't work for me. I've also learned that the most hyped products sometimes don't suit me in colouring or skin type and to know that that's okay as there is something equally fabulous out there that will work for me.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
I'm more adventurous with products and don't think twice about buying a 'maybe' product to try (as long as I can afford to). Before blogging I needed to know I would like the product and justify the expense to myself by scanning reviews and being glued to endless YouTube videos. I'm much more likely to take a gamble on a product and try it out for myself now.

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Do it because you love it, not for the followers. There are blogs out there with tens of thousands of GFC followers and some with just ten. Both are fine. Both are incredible if you love what you write, believe in what you write and do it primarily for yourself. Seeing my followers grow from 5 to almost 80 in a month is a huge achievement for me and I love seeing that people enjoy the content I post enough to follow me without any incentive. I know it will seem a minuscule amount to some bloggers and it might seem like a lot to others but I am proud of what I've achieved so far and if the follower count doesn't go past what I have now, I have less people to try to impress ;).

Name your top five brands!
MAC, Urban Decay, MUA, Rimmel & Illamasqua.

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products!
1) MUA lipsticks - beautiful texture, beautiful colours and only £1. 2) Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation - pricey but well worth it for flawless coverage.
3) MAC Ruby Woo lipstick - the perfect red for most skintones. 4) Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eyeliner - a brilliant gel liner that doesn't budge for ten hours on me.
5) MUA nail varnishes - a little thin but fully opaque within 3 coats, a wide range of shades and only £1.

Tag other beauty bloggers to do this tag!
I tag anyone who reads this post to do it. It's a really lovely tag. If you do it comment below with your link as I'd love to see your responses!

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