The Christmas Tag

Sunday, 18 November 2012

I wasn't actually tagged in this tag either (I never am) but I enjoy doing these types of posts as I feel it gives you all a better insight into me as a person which is what I enjoy seeing on other blogs too. I'll sporadically post a tag or maybe some questions that you've asked from time to time and I'll always tag every reader rather than a few specific bloggers.

1: What item of clothing do you love to wear in winter but wouldn't be seen wearing in public?
There's the ubiquitous onesie which I love. I have a monkey, an Elvis and most recently stole acquired an elephant from my boyfriend and they're perfect for lounging around the house but a pain when you need to go to the toilet. I also like oversized, ratty hoodies (you know the ones. They're the ones with the strings chewed and the cuffs all tattered). I'm wearing one I 'acquired' from my boyfriend right now as it's just comfortable to laze about in when you're not going anywhere.

2: Most wanted item for autumn/winter?
I am in desperate need of a new pair of boots. Mine are all coming away from the soles or Ugg style boots which I only try to wear around the house, to pop to the shop across the road or to walk the dog in. I'd love a pair of black riding boots or chelsea boots.

3: Favourite boots to wear in the winter?
Flat ankle or mid-calf boots in black or tan. They go with anything and make me feel more stable in wet or slippery conditions than heels.

4: Are you a fan of UGG boots?
Not at all but that doesn't stop me owning a pair of UGG style boots. I don't usually wear them out unless I'm going for the comfortable look as they can never look stylish but they are warm and cosy.

5: It's snowing/raining outside, what are you favourite wellies to wear?
I only own one pair of wellies and they are the green Hunter style that I bought from New Look a few months back. I usually only wear them in bad conditions when I walk the dog now and team them with a khaki parka and leggings or skinny jeans. I've never been a huge fan of brightly coloured or patterned wellies on fully grown women.

6: What is your favourite autumn trend?
Bold lips, without a doubt. My lips are the one feature I truly love so accentuating them with deep berry tones or a bright pop of colour is right up my street.

7: What is your typical winter day consisting of?
Lots of moisturiser, lots of coffee, deep berry colours, warm knitted jumpers and cardigans, wishlists, blogging, Baileys or a good old Irish coffee, reading, Snow Fairy, twinkling lights and trying to avoid the outdoors.

8: Cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee?
I really hate tea. I love fruit teas and herbal teas but I don't drink 'regular' tea so it's coffee as a firm favourite in my world. Hot chocolate is a close second though, especially during the long, cold winter evenings.

9: Do you like or dislike that it's starting to get dark?
I have a love/hate relationship with it. While I love it because my children realise it's bed time and it makes it easier to unwind for the day I also hate it because I'm not a fan of being out in the dark so if I'm late night shopping or needing to pop over the shop my anxiety can flare a little.

10: Christmas is coming, do you have any idea of what you want?
I know what I want but it's whether or not I'll get it. I know I'm definitely not going to get a new MacBook or iMac but that's fine as although I lust after them, my old knocked about one is still working. I also know I'm not going to get my beloved Michael Kors watch but if I get the knock off, I'll be a very happy lady! If I'm honest, all I want this year is for everyone to be happy and not full up with a vomiting virus on Christmas day again. We're restricted by money this year so a lot of people are getting token presents or simply a card. While my family are not ones to ask for things and are appreciative of absolutely nothing but time, it would still be nice to give them a little something.


  1. Nice post! I love deep berry colours in this season too. I am in love with my burgundy trousers at the moment :) How are you going to spend the Christmas day?

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

    1. Hi Nic,

      I can't pull off burgandy trousers but I only wish I could.

      I'll be getting up at the crack of dawn with two excited little girls, slaving over Christmas lunch, drinking too much Baileys and watching Doctor Who. How about you?

      Laura xo