Topshop Nail Polish Gift Set - High Voltage, Lunar & Solar

Thursday, 1 November 2012

*Topshop Nail Polish Gift Set in High Voltage, Solar and Lunar - £14

High Voltage



I was kindly sent this nail varnish trio to review and I was quite excited as I'd not tried the Topshop nail varnishes before but had heard great things. I was sent the Christmas set in High Voltage, Lunar and Solar which features a bright pink, a beautiful metallic blue with silver and blue shimmer and a metallic gold that has a pink shimmer in direct light. My first thought was that while the gold was very Christmassy the other shades would never have 'spoken' to me as Christmas shades but once I spent some time with them I realised that I would definitely wear them during the festive season. They are all three coats perfect coverage and what I especially like about these is that while High Voltage is just an all-round perfect bright pink, Lunar and Solar change with the light. Lunar, as I said, is a beautiful metallic blue but in the light it has lilac and blue shimmer which really give a gorgeous effect that I couldn't capture with the camera. With Solar I could capture it a little better as you can see with the last photo. In a direct flash the deep gold has a beautiful pink sheen which really makes this special. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from the Topshop range and have heard nothing but good things about their lipsticks and cream blushes too. I was actually surprised at how extensive their nail varnish range is when I visited the Topshop in Cardiff recently.

So all in all, I love these sets and if you just like one or two of the shades the colours are also available individually.

What do you think of this set? What are your favourites from the Topshop range that you think I should check out?

* I'm sorry about the terrible quality of the images. I'm hoping that for my birthday this month I can get my hands on a new DSLR as my phone's camera isn't the best. Please bear with me.


  1. Love the colours! I got loads of compliments from using Topshop colours even from straight guys! (My delivery driver from ASOS hehe. I know him quite well now haha too many deliveries) I found also on the full size bottles the brush is too short when you get to halfway down it barely reaches. But love your post! xx

    1. Words can't describe how much I love the rose gold Solar. So so much! I had tons of compliments on the shocking pink & the rose gold too. I find that happens with so many polishes and then you have to tip the tub on its side and it ends up getting messy around the top of the bottle and...ugh. I have an issue ;) xo