What Laura Wants: The Fantasy Collection

Monday, 19 November 2012

So I've been doing all of these lovely gift guides and wishlists for my birthday and Christmas and I've realised none of the items are worth more than £250 and even then that was just one item, the beloved Michael Kors watch. I realised that while I am a simple creature because I've never been brought up with a lot of money if I did have a lot of money there are some things I most definitely would buy with no hesitation right this minute.

1. The Canon EOS 600D. Not too expensive at £500 but expensive enough and out of my reach for now. I got to play around with it and fell in love but it wasn't to be with my measly little bank balance.

2. The Tiffany Soleste ring. "This ring is classically elegant with a cushion modified brilliant diamond encircled by a double row of bead-set diamonds. A diamond band enhances the striking magnificence of this piece" and that it certainly does. At the moment I am without an engagement ring despite being engaged for three years so if I won the lottery tomorrow, Tiffany would be the first port of call. This ring is a staggering £10,200 and I'm sure for that my partner would have a custom ring made. I am a firm believer that if you do Tiffany, you do it well and this piece is definitely a 'never ever' piece.

3. The Mulberry Alexa. Need I say more?

4. I really want an iMac. This is one from the lower end of the line but if I had the money I would definitely get the fastest and biggest going. I have dreams of an iMac since I am currently working on a battered and bruised 2007 MacBook (not unibody) with a missing 'N' key.

5. The 'dream home' and it comes in at only £600,000. Yes, I know that is way out of most people's budgets but £600,000 for a home as beautiful as this that's only a half an hour drive from my family? In a heartbeat.

6. The 1969 Chevrolet Impala. Glorious. I'm not a fan of cars. I watch Top Gear because I like to laugh at the misogyny of Jeremy Clarkson and like watching celebrities loop a track but I don't know a thing about cars. I do know that when Supernatural started my boyfriend of the time was obsessed and while I steadily grew to become obsessed with Dean Winchester played by the beautiful Jensen Ackles, my first love was this car. I need it. It will be my MetalliCar.

7. What wish list would be complete without Elie Saab? None, I tell you. Every season the collection takes my breath away. I could never pull off this dress with the lumps and bumps around my middle but I would sure as hell try and have a great time doing the housework in it! £8,703. Let's just sit there and think about that for a minute. I pay more than that in rent for a full year. I'm sure my landlord would be okay with not receiving payments while I buy this. Right? Right?


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