Catching the end of November

Sunday, 2 December 2012

  • I began organisation month a little early so I put Expedit shelves in the living room to house books and general stuff we had no room for to talk Sean out of building ugly shelves.

  • Amelia's birthday present. It was badly wrapped as it was an odd shaped box so I saved it with lots of ribbon.

  • Layla and Amelia playing with the present at 6am.

  • Amelia found a box seat.

  • I started wrapping Christina's presents.

  • Co-Op were closing down so we got eleven tubs of soup and two bottles of wine for £6.

  • Florence makes a hard day easier.

  • In love with The Lumineers album.

  • Snuggling with the duvet with a view of our skinny tree.

  • Sadie the pup still thinking she can fit in small spaces.

  • Terry Wogan's penis just because.

  • Christopher Maloney aka Nanfucker's winner's album.

  • MUA Nail Constellation in Pisces. They're so difficult to remove!

  • Layla's healthy birthday party dinner.

  • Elizabeth Street nails with black and gold glitter 'paint splashes'.

  • Reindeer pyjamas and a coconut hot chocolate.
  • Lots has been happening this week. I'm in the middle of a pain flare because I'm ill again so it's been difficult but we carry on. Layla went to a birthday party Friday for her friend and honestly, I loved it. The gift bags were incredible (stealing inspiration), the entertainer was fantastic (a game where you lay on the floor and pop bubbles with glow sticks - all around YES) and I don't think most of the parents wanted to leave at 7pm. Straight from there I ended up on a dinner date with my friend Hannah at an all you can eat around the world buffet place and then on to stalk Christina at work and pick up a few treats with her discount. Friday was exceptionally good.

    In other news. I finally have an iPhone! Yes, it's only a 4 but it's just so nice to have a phone that's compatible with my MacBook. Also, my camera cable came so I'm going to be able to take better shots for the blog since my beloved point and shoot has come out of a seven month coma for no reason at all.

    The pain has been worth it.

    What have you been up to this week? Feel free to leave your posts below!

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