Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream in Angel Delight

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Collection Cream Puff lip cream in Angel Delight - £2.99

This is another product I received in my secret santa gift and at first I was unsure. I'd seen it about but I hadn't remembered anything about the product so I imagined it to be yet another brownish nude sticky gloss that lacked pigment and that I would never wear. I was so wrong.

Collection describe this as a lip cream, basically a liquid lipstick. You get quite a lot of product for the price and it's matte. You can't imagine how happy I was when I realised it was matte. Then I got worried. Collection are not usually known for their quality so I was worried about it looking chalky, especially with the nude colour. It's surprisingly not chalky, dries quickly and is very pigmented. The colour is lovely, if a little bit dark on my pale skin but I do love it and I'll wear a lot. It's not particularly moisturising being a true matte but a lip balm underneath really helps with the drying effect on the lips. It glides on like velvet and really is a great product, especially for the price.

The one down side for me is the scent. Personally, I love it as it smells just like the Vanilla Cupcake Yankee candle but I know it will put a lot of people off. If you can get past it, it does die down pretty quickly and on the lips is almost undetectable.

Collection, you used to be the brand I coveted age 15 because you were cheap and glittery but you have really upped your game.

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