Have Yourself A Merry Budget Christmas: Christmas (Advent) Garlands

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Advent Garland*

Everyone is getting in to the Christmas spirit and everywhere I turn I see beautiful stocking or mitten garlands or bunting, be it in advent form or just as something to put up on banisters, doors or mantels. They range from £20-30 usually and I just can't abide by that.

So, I decided to write something that may or may not inspire you to create your own. You could be a novice (like me) or a crafty genius and you could adapt this for so many other projects. For this I decided to use socks but you could use mittens, socks or gloves (both childrens and adults).

You'll need:

  • A length of ribbon of your choice

  • However many socks/mittens/gloves you want in whatever colours you fancy

  • A needle and thread/fabric glue

  • A pen

  • A pair of scissors
  • 1. Cut the ribbon to the length you want it and allow an extra inch to be on the safe side.
    2. Mark out with a pen where you want each sock/mitten/glove to be placed.
    3. Stitch or glue the corner of your sock/mitten/glove to the ribbon in the place that you marked.I'm assuming you all know how to stitch here.
    4. Tie off the stitch.
    5. Repeat step 3 on the marked areas of ribbon until you have your completed project.

    *To make the garland in the photo is pretty easy. You don't even need to stitch as you just attach the sock to the ribbon with a mini peg that you can pick up from almost anywhere. This garland is an advent garland and when I made one of these I simply used two different colours of felt (one for the circle and one for the number), glued them together with fabric glue and used the same fabric glue to attach it to the sock. Very simple and mine took less than an hour!

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