How To Make A Wig Look Like Natural Hair

Saturday, 15 December 2012

I've been asked so many times how I get my wigs to look so natural both from wig wearers and wig virgins who aren't confident they can pull a wig off. The truth is, anyone can pull a wig off and while I do have some tips nothing can make a wig look more natural than the confidence you wear it with. Most of my wigs are from Hair Passion who do excellent quality wigs, extensions and half wigs for almost half the price of other retailers who use the exact same quality, styles and lengths.

1. Choose a wig that suits you
This is the big tip. Choose a wig that suits your face shape and a colour that suits your skin tone. I've always found the rule about not going more than three shades lighter or darker to be a load of crap but you should be able to tell if something will suit you. Hair Passion have a handy wig guide here that can help you match your style to your face shape but with wigs it's about being expressive and taking a bit of a risk so if you're a natural blonde and would like to try a bright red, go for it!

2. Natural colours will look more natural
It goes without saying really but wigs with a natural or easily achievable look will look more natural. There are dyes on the market which will transform your hair from a dull brown to lilac, of course but if you want to feel confident that your wig will go undetected start with a natural shade. Multi-tonal wigs will always look more natural as your natural hair, even dyed, is multi-tonal so look for wigs that have more than one colour (not necessarily in streaks or highlights but just the appearance of tone). Most good wigs will already be multi-tonal and all of the wigs I have bought apart from a long Ariel-esque red wig have had beautiful natural looking highlights and lowlights but on a screen it can be difficult to tell.

3. Add roots
If you have a platinum or light blonde wig it can look a little fake if it's one colour all the way down. For a more realistic look use an eyeshadow brush and apply a light brown eyeshadow either side of the wig's parting which will give the illusion of a bit of growth. You can build the colour up as desired and simply use your fingers to blend the colour out. Start small and build up (make sure you go around the back of the parting too near the top of your head).

4. Dull the shine
New wigs freshly out of the wire hairnet are beautiful, soft and very shiny. Natural hair just isn't that shiny so take a little baby powder (use sparingly so the wig doesn't look grey or dull), pat your hands together to get rid of the excess and run your hands down the entire length of the wig. The shine will still be there but to a lesser extent.

5. Go for the chop
Wigs with fringes, either full or a side swept fringe look more natural as the fringe covers most of the unnatural hairline. Most wigs that come with fringes are too long so you may want to trim them. I always trim my wigs, both on the fringe and the layers because the more they suit you and look natural the less people will even think about it. You can do it yourself if you're confident but I'll always recommend going to a professional the first time.

6. Cover up the parting
Most times, no matter how real the parting may look, I cover it up. I use headbands in summer and hats in the colder months. I prefer to use berets, knitted or otherwise because I feel I can let my fringe be on show as well as the colour and length without having to worry about the parting, not having pinned my hair down flat enough or little natural hair escapers from the neck.

I just want to point out that I am not an expert. I am just a girl who has been wearing wigs for almost a decade now and these are tips that have worked for me. If you have any tips, let me know as I love new ideas.

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