Monday Manicure

Monday, 10 December 2012

Topshop's Lunar, silver & blue craft glitter and MUA clear topcoat

I thought I'd do a new weekly feature all about my nails. I have never been very good at doing them, let alone decent at experimenting with nail art. I was bad when this craze hit the first time around and I'm bad now. However, I do try and trying should be commended, right? Right?.

So these are the nails as of Monday. I used three coats of Topshop's Lunar (a beautiful metallic silver with a blue and lilac shimmery sheen) and on top of the wet third coat applied a sprinkle of silver glitter that I stole from my daughter's craft box). On the ring finger I applied a very heavy coat of electric blue glitter and applied two coats of top coat.

It's very simple, very messy and quite difficult to remove but this is my go to nail lately. Something about the festivities of December makes me want to glitter or sequin everything.

What's on your nails this week?


  1. Ooh the top shop nail varnish sounds gorgeous. I am crappy at nails to I just do not have the patience and no matter what I do they always chip! So annoying! xx

    1. I cannot vouch for Topshop's nail varnishes enough. I absolutely adore them. I got this one in a set with the most perfect rose gold colour called Solar. I'm so bad at nails too! xo