Review: Along Came Betty

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Along Came Betty To The Skin And Beyond Butter - £3.99

My friend Christina picked up this body butter for me from Tesco and at first I was a bit dubious. The packaging is very much alike S&G products but would the quality be similar? In short, it's a nice body butter and I'll use it all but it doesn't replace my favourites.

It's thick and spreads well, absorbs without a sticky film but the scent was very off putting. I love scented products usually but this one just left me feeling very undecided. The best way I can describe it is a powdery floral with hints of cocoa. I get mostly cocoa on my skin but it is very odd in the tub. The good news is that it does die down on the skin and smell more like 'body butter'.

Worth it for £3.99 if you can stand the smell and I'm hoping the other products are as good as this for the price. I'll definitely be picking up the sugar scrub as it looks lovely.

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