Woe Is Me

Thursday, 13 December 2012

These photos will probably end up being rehashed in the weekly roundup as I am really not doing a lot with my time right now. I'm not very well and I wish I could put my finger on what, exactly, is wrong with me. I think it may be side effects from the new medication I'm on but my back (from the ribcage down) is in agony, I feel sick most of the day and my legs feel weak. I've also had this issue where my jaw won't stop chattering as if I were cold. So odd and not at all pleasant. So this week I haven't really felt up to blogging much so scheduling posts was put off,thinking was postponed etc. Alas, I thought I would update.

- This cardigan can fit both me and my boyfriend in at the same time and the dress is loose which means I essentially look like a (warm) sack of potatoes here.

- Amelia and I went into town to do some food shopping earlier this week and it was so icy I had to change from heeled boots into faux Ugg's in fear of slipping. We had coffee with my sister, scoured charity shops for bargains and went home with a half decent weekly food shop for under £20!

- I picked up a fabulous wooden puppet show with six puppets for a mere £4. Too early to say it's the best £4 I've ever spent yet?

- My sister bought me a venti egg nog latte. Filled with delicious and sinful calories but I have no regrets.

- My beauty Secret Santa came in the post today and my gift reached her. I may have been a little bit naughty and opened it as soon as it arrived but I was not the only one which obviously helps the feelings of guilt. I adore what I got and thankfully, my recipient loved hers too so there were two very happy ladies in the UK today.

- Layla had her school concert today. In short, the first half was awful because I wasn't feeling well coupled with getting there twenty minutes early with our (paid for) tickets to find there were no seats left and there were at least 80 of us standing. We couldn't see a thing, everyone was pushing in front to take photos and Layla was on the other side of the hall completely. After a lot of under my breath passive aggressive ranting, I left my boyfriend and Amelia, excused my way through the hoards of people and got down on all fours until I was at the front to see her. Finally she acknowledged me, I got some very blurry photos and got to see her sing and it was completely worth it.

What have you been doing with yourselves lately? Also, there's only one day left to enter my 100 follower MUA giveaway!

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