A Saviour For Hair

Friday, 4 January 2013

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor RRP £4.99 down to £3.50 here

I want to talk to you about hair today, mainly because another one of my unsung resolutions is to grow my hair long. About two years ago I had my hair cut into a graduated bob and after numerous attempts of stripping, bleaching, colouring and re-colouring, my hair became so dry and damaged I could barely get a brush through the matted ends let alone grow it past my shoulders. 2013 is the year I vowed to get my hair into great condition and it starts with this little product.

I had heard good things about the Aussie range and had tried the 20ml sachet of this a few months back which didn't really cut it. My hair is too thick and the product just didn't seem to go a long way. I admit that when I use this I do slather it on (one tube has lasted me four treatments which isn't bad at all) and leave it for five to ten minutes while I brush my body, shave, scrub etc. It smells beautiful and leaves my hair in fantastic condition. I can easily brush my hair both wet and dry with a wide tooth comb and it doesn't leave my hair greasy after a day. Result.

Basically, this product is worth it's weight in gold and I wouldn't be without it. Add the leave in conditioner for extra moisture and shine and my hair is comparably in an amazing state smelling beautifully as the scent really does linger.

*Image courtesy of voguebelle.


  1. I swear by aussie conditioners and hair treatments, I started using this when i was trying to grow my hair and i defo think it helped. My hair is super healthy and long despite being bleach blonde. I think cutting down on heat helped too, but this gave the nourishment my hair longed for :)


  2. Hi, stopping by from BBN! I've never tried this brand, I'll have to check it out. My hair gets pretty bad during the winter months.

  3. Aussie is great, though if you don't use it already, I would definitely suggest Argan Oil. I went from having dyed black hair (for a few years) to blonde, and the ends of my hair were in a bad state so I had to trim a lot off over the last year (my hair is super thick too). Now I use Argan Oil after each wash and it really works - my hair looks really sleek and in a lot better condition. So if you're trying to grow it (I'm trying to grow mine as long as possible!) I'd definitely recommend it.