A struggle with shoes and a love for accessories.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Shoes - New Look | Bag & necklaces - Primark

I have big feet. Most size 8's don't come close to fitting me and wide fit size 8's are hit and miss. Most size 9's fit me but again, it is hit and miss. I have an ongoing battle with the high street to find shoes that not only fit but are also stylish and shoes that I actually want to wear and I am failing miserably. While there is lots I would change about myself, my shoe size big on that list and how I wish that one day I'd wake up with perfect size 8 feet so I could buy shoes from eBay without worrying. How I wish that when I did buy shoes they didn't come under men's sizes.

With that said, I do manage to find a few diamonds in the rough. Case in point, these studded shoe boots with an astonishingly high heel that make me 6ft3. When I tried them on in New Look yesterday it was on a whim. There were no size 9's in the shop as I'd been told they only stock a 9 online now (boo, hiss) and I was desperate to find a good pair of heels. To my surprise they did fit. Sure, they were a little tight on the toe due to the narrow space the platform creates but they fit. It must be a sign. After tottering around the shiny, slippery floor to make sure I wasn't going to break my ankle after the first step, I took them to the checkout and loved them so much I put them back on to walk to the car. Yes, I did that.

So while these shoes are my new death shoes and I'm sure there's a very high probability that I will wreck them or fall to the ruin of my ankle bone, I will be wearing these out Saturday night - snow permitting. There's the other thing though. The unspoken rule that if one can't buy shoes, one can definitely buy accessories. I picked up this big bag to hold my everyday essentials such as extra nappies and wipes, my camera, purse, travel make-up bag, phone, a book, a notebook etc. I find it difficult to find bags big enough to fit everything I take with me on a day to day basis with a zip and a few compartments inside for a reasonable price. While this is not my beloved Alexa (I could squeeze things in or downsize - promise) it is my new day to day bag.

And the necklaces? Shiny.

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