Thursday, 3 January 2013

Early morning list making

I love making lists. It calms me while putting things into perspective and since I tend to overanalyse even the smallest of situations it can really help put me in a new frame of mind. The latest list was accompanied by a very large mug of Starbucks instant coffee and was under the heading of '2013 Goals'. Unlike resolutions they are not something I deem to do every day of the year to change who I am but they are goals that I am working toward. Are they big goals? Some are but most are small and easily achievable. Are some shallow? Of course they are.

- I want to dye my hair a colour I am happy with. I have been various shades of blonde, red, brown and black along with the more vivid colours in the spectrum since my teens. My hair has taken the beating well but is beginning to give up with dry, matting ends and root growth the size of Gibraltar. When I find a colour I fall in love with, we're in a monogamous relationship for 2013.

- I want to get an iPad. Mainly because I am an Apple elitist and a bit jealous that everyone seems to have one but me. Also because my MacBook is falling apart and I'd like to take the pressure off.

- Passing my driving test is a big one. I've been learning to drive since late last year and while I can now drive I am still not test ready on some parts and I haven't booked my theory test in. Part of me wonders why I'm bothering as I can't afford to run a car but the other part of me desperately wants to trade in my license.

- Going to the cinema alone is one of my favourite things to do. I'd like to do more of it, even if it's just once this year. The last time I went alone was to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 back in 2011 so I'd like to see something again.

- I'd love to document my life. While this blog shows a little of who I am it doesn't document the daily happenings and I feel I don't take enough photographs of the girls as they're young, especially not of me with them. Since my mother died I only wish we had more photos together.

- I'd also like to learn how to take better photographs. I know the basics but since I only have my phone camera and a point and shoot I'd like to learn how to get the best out of them when natural light isn't available.

- I know this won't happen in 2013 but I'm putting it here in case we suddenly become incredibly rich. I'd love to go on holiday somewhere full of culture rather than hot weather and beaches. I want to be the girl in the films drinking black coffee on a pavement cafe and while I know life is not like the films, it is nice to dream.

Do you have any non-resolution goals be they for this year or in general? I'd love to hear them.

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