Make Up Tips

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My friend Christina just did a post about her make up tips so I thought I'd totally steal take inspiration from it and write my own. Some are the same, some are similar and some are probably just something that I do and make me a bit odd.

Prep & Prime
It's quite obvious but if your skin is clean, exfoliated, moisturised and primed your make up will look better. It doesn't necessarily need to have a smooth, blemish free surface that is portrayed everywhere but the better condition your skin is in the better products tend to blend.

Invest in brushes
They don't necessarily have to be top quality brushes (think MAC, Sigma, Illamasqua pricing) but cheap brushes are usually not very good. The Superdrug own brand eyeshadow brushes are decent but my personal favourites for mid-range pricing are, of course, Real Techniques created by the ever fabulous Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo. As a rule natural hair brushes pick up powder colour better and synthetic hair brushes pick up creams, liquids and mousses best.

Use the right brush for the job
This is completely subjective as I have been known to use powder brushes to buff in foundation, a lip brush to apply colour under the eye and an angled kabuki to apply everything from powder to bronzer but if you're using a pencil brush to blend shadow it just doesn't have the same effect as a soft yet sturdy blending brush.

Use product in different ways
The perfect colour for a blush in a lipstick? Use it as one. A light iridescent eyeshadow as a highlighter? The perfect pink for a lipstick in a matte shadow with a little lip balm? The choices are endless and while it's always best to invest in a product with a formulation for the areas you'd like, this is an easy to do go to.

Make your eyebrows look more natural
Gone a bit too fake looking with the brow powder? Use a small amount of brow wax/vaseline and use light strokes with a clean mascara wand or angled brush over the top. The wax will make the natural hairs of your brows darken and stand out a little more making them appear to be slightly more natural.

Highlight your brow with more than High Beam
Use a concealer on an angled brush and tidy up both over and under the brow for a precise shape without starting again.

Line your lips and fill them in
Not only does liner stop feathering of lipstick and make it last longer, if you fill in your lips with the liner before lipstick when the lipstick fades it will fade evenly. I have a big problem with lipsticks getting patchy as they fade and this helps immensely.

Like the brow but for lips
Go around your lips with concealer to tidy up and define the cupid's bow before highlighter.

What are your make up tips and tricks?


  1. I like your lip tips :) My lipstick always fades too, but i've never thought of filling my lips in with lipliner before!

  2. these are some great tips! :) one of my top tips is curl those lashes!! i find it makes such a difference :) just wondering, which primers and lipliners would you recommend? totally agree with you about the real techniques brushes, theyre my favourite too :)
    nicola xxx