Friday, 18 January 2013

I've been trudging through six and a half inches of snow all day with soggy knock off Ugg boots (I knew they would come in handy one day) and numb fingers. Yes, we had a snow storm and boy, did it settle. I love snow because it's such a rarity to have so much of it stick around. There's something about it that makes any countryside or city look magical, pure and beautiful even for a little while. Living opposite a pub near a main road that's usually littered with moving vehicles it's lovely to not hear low rumbles of car and not have hoards of people gather outside my gate in the early hours of the morning on their walk home.

Today we drank hot chocolate, cranked up the heating, warmed our soaked gloves on the kitchen radiator, made snow angels in old jeans, threw compacted snow balls at walls and lesser compacted ones at each other and watched as psycho pup got her first taste of the fluffy stuff.

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  1. I've been loving it but am a little fed up now! Looks like you had quite a lot for your neck of the woods! x