20 Facts

Tuesday, 5 March 2013
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So the facts posts have been doing the rounds and I thought I could do with a new bangwagon to hop on to. I realise I don't put a lot of personal information here so these facts may help you to get to know the girl behind the blog a little better or they may bore you. It's a chance I'm willing to take.

1. I don't have a middle name as my first name is double-barelled (Laura-Jayne). I feel far too prim and proper being called Laura-Jayne though so it's always Laura or Ella.
2. The nickname Ella came about as I was drunk and sounding out my own name with the first and last letters. It's stuck.
3. I once had a freckle that lived beside my belly button for twenty one years then disappeared.
4. I've always wanted to own a yellow VW Beetle.
5. I was traumatised by the thought of having an epidural so I endured two natural births to discover I needed one for emergency surgery after regardless. That was a fun time.
6. The only piercings I've kept in long term are my ears (9 years) and my medusa (5 years).
7. I can watch Mean Girls and Stepbrothers over and over and laugh each time.
8. I love to sing but when I get drunk and sniff out karaoke I believe I'm a country singer. I'm not.
9. When I like a song I play it over and over and over until I hate it.
10. I want to buy an old VW camper van, paint it sky blue, throw a mattress in the back and live in it for festival season.
11. Growing up I wanted to be Cilla Black then Dana Scully. Yes, really.
12. My hands and feet are constantly cold.
13. I'm 5ft10in but take pride in wearing obnoxiously high heels and being taller than my boyfriend.
14. Layla was named after the song by Eric Clapton.
15. I have contact lenses but rarely wear them as I feel I look weird without my glasses.
16. I have played the recorder, double bass and the piano. I can still read music but not well.
17. I'm still learning to drive. I didn't start learning until I was 23.
18. My friend once lived with me and dad for a year without his knowledge.
19. I have a very Welsh accent for someone from the area I'm from and nobody can explain why.
20. I am technically married but I haven't seen my husband in almost four years.


  1. I want a VW Camper blue too! Mine's going to be dyed tyed so I'll never loose it wherever I go. I have to say I admit to doing the same with songs too, it really winds people up as by the time I hate it, they love it. Lovely post

    Rhiannon x

  2. Without his knowledge?! HOW???? Teach me your skills, I'd love to be that invisible! Does he know now?

    I know there are so many other points on this wonderful list, which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, but I am completely fascinated by this.....

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. haha love that you moved your friend in and kept her for a year without your dad knowing, that is good going!

    I really, really want a pretty sky blue VW camper van too, I just wanna get in one and drive (well, get Spencer to drive because I also don't drive) until I get tired. Then sleep in it. Then start again the next day,and so on! x

  4. I'm exactly the same! My name is double barrelled too (Sophie-Marie) but i'm not a fan! It does drive me mad when people don't understand the concept Marie not being my middle name though! And the obnoxiously high heels thing too...I would much rather tower over everyone in amazing shoes than have to wear a kitten heel...they're just wrong. Just no.

    Loved this post!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  5. Still loving these fact posts, I feel like i'm getting to know everyone better without even meeting them!

    The thought of an epidural terrified me too, I just went with gas and air. Sucked you had to get one anyway after everything! I'm the same with Mean Girls, it is STILL funny after all this time.. recently my sister and I turned around a quote to make it about the cat.. "that's why her fur is so big... it's full of secrets" we died with laughter for about a week about this!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk