Life Is Ruining My Blog

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I am rather disappointed that real life is ruining my blog. My real life consists of parenting, errands, writing emails, working on freelance projects, cooking, cleaning, and by the end of all that I'm ready to settle down with my boyfriend and fall asleep on his chest while drooling on his shoulder relax. Good things have happened, things which I have been planning for a very long time have finally come to pass and my life is in some semblance of order but mostly it's been wash, rinse and repeat for a few weeks.

So let's run down the good things that have happened this week, shall we? Friday I received post from my friend Hannah which included 18 photos of bearded men goodness inside the envelope. Can you see why I love her? Friday night Christina and I loaded up on nachos and Ben & Jerry's and headed off to see Oz The Great & Powerful at the cinema. I actually quite enjoyed it, especially the costumes, and found myself not too bothered at the 3D despite having to wear 3D glasses over my own. Saturday we went out for a few drinks and ended up dancing, drinking alcohol spiked slushies and receiving Welsh flags from drag queens.

Sunday was a day of pure relaxation for me as the boyfriend waited on me hand and foot. He started off by bringing me breakfast in bed followed at the heel by two little girls with their arms full of hand crafted cards and presents. After I woke up he told me he was off out to give his mum her card and when he returned he returned with The Sims 3 University Life (which is currently my life). At the end of the day we watched This Is 40, ate an Indian and he gave me a thoroughly good massage. Basically, my boyfriend is fantastic at Mother's Day and my children couldn't have made better gifts.

I finally decided to bite the bullet today and get my sternum pierced (just where my cleavage starts). I currently have a very attractive plaster over the microdermal until Thursday but I will get some shots of it once it's all cleaned up. My thigh tattoo is currently in the design process ready to be tattooed on to my right thigh at the end of the month/beginning of next month. I am truly excited about these things as I've wanted the tattoo for six years and the piercing for five. It feels like things are kind of coming together and I feel more like me than I have done in a long while. That's always a good, fulfilling feeling.

Right now I am curled up in pain from my chest, back, foot and a stinking head cold. I can't sleep due to all of the above, the boyfriend is snoring and I'm mindlessly adding pretty things to my eBay basket that I can't afford as I'm too busy repaying debts and paying bills (such is the life of an adult with priorities). Expect less beauty review centred posts for a little while as I haven't bought anything new or tried anything worth mentioning lately but there will be content.

Also, I'm on a countdown until Erica comes to stay for the weekend!

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  1. LAURA! I've missed your blogging, so nice to see TWO updates in my feed!

    Glad you had a nice mothers day, what an AWESOME gift in the form of Sims 3! So getting that after my spending ban is over!

    Amy x