Monday's Child Is Full Of Woe

Monday, 25 March 2013

So this week I've mainly been wearing a variation of this outfit. Tights, skirt, flats, a jumper and a scarf. Partially because it's been cold and partially because I'm
lazy so having a uniform of sorts helps when I'm stood in front of my rails asking an imagined deity "Why me?"

So this isn't the most imaginative or fashionable outfit but it is an outfit and I feel I'll need to build up to more 'out there' posts.


  1. Well I think you look fantastic! Love that you managed to get a wee bit of your hair in ;) Who needs to be "out there" when you have bright hair?! :D

    Amy x

  2. I actually kinda prefer realistic outfit posts! I seldom "accessorise a trilby", more scrape my hair back and shove on my 'uniform' of dress, tights and long cardi. I think you look brilliant, wish I could pull off a skirt like that!xx

  3. monday's child was actually fair of grace. so... tough.

  4. I like wearing all black and you look great in it, throwing in cross patterned snood! Love your curves and marvellously blue hair


    The Young Bridget Jones