Sofa Surfing

Thursday, 28 March 2013

I love interior design. I have no eye for it personally but I will happily spend hours pouring over Pinterest and mentally designing my dream house in my head. I've compiled a little wishlist of things found at SCS complete with a new couch (I just can't decide between the two) and all of the rugs to add pops of colour and warmth to various points.

My carpet is ruined thanks to house training a puppy. It smells a little and is stained even though we commission a professional deep clean every six months or so. Luckily we have wooden, tiled or stone floors throughout the only carpet is on the stairs or landing but still, a new carpet would be a dream. What do you do with your old carpet? Well, I had no idea. I've never had to get rid of carpet before and so I did some searching and found this which gives information on how to get rid old carpet without harming the environment (my personal favourite being to donate it being the thrifty shopper I am, however, my carpet just won't cut it even in a charity shop).

Do you love browsing things for the home you can't afford too? I could make an entire set of these posts weekly for a year and still not be done with my wishlist!


  1. Those rugs seem like a dream for my home!!! xx

  2. Browsing for my dream home is one of my favourite hobby. When Habitat was still open, we used to get a takeaway coffee and wander round picking out all of the stuff we would buy if we had endless cash. We had the same issue with the carpet/puppy. We ripped ours up (it was only on the stairs) but we still haven't replaced it! Oops! x