Standing There In Your Lingerie

Friday, 15 March 2013

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Underwear. The word that used to fill me with dread a few years ago but now fills me with excitement. No, this isn't a photo heavy post of me posing in my underwear but more a post about it. Having a decent sized chest can be difficult. I don't have extremely large boobs but they're big enough to be a pain to find a bra on the high street. A year or two ago I gave up shopping for bra's offline anywhere but George at Asda and decided to venture online. My best friend has a very ample chest and finds it difficult to find bras that fit both in the back and the cup comfortably and when sizes seem to vary so much with with the style of the bra, supporting your breasts can be a nightmare.

Along with the big name specialist companies, Fantasie (with their excellent quality underwear) and Freya come in top of my list for their wide range of underwear and swimwear designed for the larger chest. After having the girls I like a bit of padding to even the whole area out as well as a lot of support so with bras designed for larger chests became more mainstream I was thrilled. They're designed for comfort, support and style. I've picked out a few of my favourites above in both underwear and swimwear because summer's coming, don't you know? I'll be wearing it down the local pool with the girls in tow, not off on a fabulous beach break but thems the breaks.


  1. I am large boobies too, Freya is my absolute favourite! Love all of those though...

    Kate x
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    1. I adore their bra's. The pink floral is my favourite.

  2. This is awesome chick, funny comment about you not posing in bras, I'd be worried if I saw bloggers doing that haha!! I tell you where I find is great for bigger bras... ASDA & Tesco, shocker I know but that's where I get mine! I'm definitely going to check this out though, thanks for the post! :) xx