Tuesday Treasures: John Green

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

John Green. I'll say it again, John Green. If you don't know who this fabulous man is, you're missing out for more reasons than I can count on my fingers. This is the man who thinks puppy sized elephants should not be in pre-existence but in existence. The man who along with his brother Hank have over a million subscribers on their Vlogbrothers YouTube channel. The man who calls his own wife "The Yeti". The man who has taught me more about pennies than I thought I needed to know, who prides himself on educating the youth (and not so youthful of us) who watch his videos or read his literature, who covers his face in Sharpie, who gives DFTBA meaning and Nerdfighteria a God. He is my favourite author and my favourite person on YouTube. I adore his family, his opinions, his rants, his humour and his words.

You see, John Green isn't a typical author - he is a personality. He is the only parental supervision on Tumblr. He writes so beautifully with such fluent narrative it can catapult your heart into places you didn't realise it could reach in five lines. He understands teenagers and believes them to be people who perceive life in thoughtful, meaningful and often philosophical ways. His books may be written for young adults but I could live forever as a young adult to immerse myself in his words.

I'm sounding like I worship the man. Idolise him? Yes. Worship? Not quite. There's the poof to consider.

In all seriousness, he does a lot for the community, both his and others. He is hell bent on getting 'fishing boat proceeds' to put on his tax forms. He writes astounding, award winning and fully quotable novels. His videos are hilarious. The interaction with his brother Hank is hilarious (Hank is also amazing) and I recommend everyone read at least Looking For Alaska and The Fault In Our Stars.


  1. A friend of mine read Looking for Alaska a couple of years ago and she loved it, now that you brought that subject back to my mind I'm starting to wonder what happened that I haven't read this book yet! Definitely on my read list x

  2. I really need to get into these books... everyone keeps going on about them. Going to have a look on my kindle tonight now

    Rhiannon x

  3. I own both Looking for Alaska and TFIOS but i've yet to read either of them. I'll have to get round to doing it sometime soon. I love John and Hank on YouTube!

  4. Seriously love all his books! He's such a great guy. I went to his book tour in London last month!

  5. I love John Green so much! He is the only person I actively watch on youtube (as I mainly use it for 90s tv shows) and GAH just like you he has me lost for words to describe how totally awesome he is! His books are amazing too, Looking for Alaska is one of my all time favourites!


    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk