What Laura Did: Easter Egg Hunt

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Last Saturday the boyfriend, girls and I attended church. We are not religious people by any stretch of the imagination but our local church holds a lot of family events, does a lot for our community and raises money for those less fortunate so we like to help and attend as much as we can. This weekend was the Easter event where trained circus acts taught the children to hula hoop and juggle, artists were on hand to paint designs and characters on to little faces, far too many sweet treats were laid out and card making was going on at every table. All of this was just a prequel to the big egg hunt which was the main event for adults and children alike. We all got a little competitive with this little boy who seemed to be finding every egg going and filling up his basket before anyone even got up from looking under the pews.

Family days out like these are some of my favourites. I love seeing the girls active and happy while figuring out social dynamics in groups of other children, experimenting and really finding their own feet. Boyfriend and I like to stand back and watch them go, only to intervene when necessary (which is more often than not with our two year old). They are great kids and while they may make you forget to appreciate the little things out of sheer frustration at times, these occasions spark the love and excitement that make me actually want to hang out with my kids rather than 'just' parent.


  1. This is so gorgeous! I hope you have many more events like this! What could be better than hanging out with the people you love? :)

  2. I love our church for this sort of thing. Religious or not, it's lively to have somewhere to go to do something as a family isn't it? And they do always have families in mind, which fewer and fewer places seem to have lately. Glad you all had fun!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. Looks like a fab day for the girls regardless of it having anything to do with church! I'm lucky my mum runs her own pre-school so she's always doing stuff like this with the kids!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com