What Laura Did: Modelled?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Last night I became a model. The worst model in the world, I'll have you know since I dyed my hair back orange an hour before the shoot was due to start and had bright orange lips that I had to scrub off after thinking I was better than the 14 hour claim on a lipstick; but a model all the same. When Chantele contacted Georgina and I about working on a creative project together we said yes. Why? Because it would be fun. Did we have much of a clue what we were doing? A mixture of apprehension, excitement and sheer terror will tell you, no. So, I sat in front of a camera on a weather worn stool from my garden that I was sure would break at any time, turned my head to the lens and he shot. He being Jonathan of Cross-Jones Photography. Most of you will know his partner in every sense of the word Chantele of Daisy Dayz who coordinated every shot to her liking while I sat there in awe of how two people can be so creative together while refraining from beating each other over the head with a lens.

The exceptionally talented Georgina of Makeup-Pixi3 was my make up artist and boy, did we have fun. She created the image they wanted with so little direction and artistic flair it was just a pleasure to sit there and sneak a peek in a tiny mirror every so often. So with a lot of crushed pigment, some strategic dabbing and some not so strategic blowing, I was covered in a mass of blue and silver ready to look like a feral sci-fi...something.

I had such great fun on the shoot mainly because I was surrounded by such great people. Time flew by, shots were arranged, laughs were had, warmth was given by the exceptionally powerful lights and while I'm not requesting room temperature mineral water and granola to feed my model status quite yet, I am still slightly tinged a lovely shade of blue.

Photography: Cross-Jones Photography
Make-Up: Georgina of MakeupPixi3
Hair: Hair Passion


  1. Oh my goodness - beautiful! This is the most unusual shoot I've seen and you look gorgeous all blue haha :)

  2. So gorgeous. Your eyes look so pretty! x