What Laura Wants: A Spring Wardrobe

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

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It's almost Spring (officially on March 20th according to my dear friend, Google) and I'm finding myself craving maxi skirts, corals and tans all over again. This love affair happens every S/S (who am I kidding - it's year long, pals) but every time I saunter into New Look or Primark while running errands in town I lust after the lighter fabrics and images begin to set in. You know the ones because they're usually you with a cocktail in a park or in a beer garden or wherever your sunny day place is with whatever beverage of your choice. Those are detrimental. They have me believing this will be the stylish S/S yet and I'm usually camped in my back garden with a pint of ice water in a dress I've owned for five years.

But new outfits are deserved this spring as one of my oldest friends has recently become engaged and she is throwing a get together at home rather than in London. Joy of all joys, an event I can make! Dip hem dresses are out as that's what the bride to be will be celebrating in but coral is never off limits. So I did a bit of 'you should be in bed' shopping at 1:30am and put together this. Simple, perfect in colour, features flats and a maxi skirt and I have a beautiful cream lace jersey blazer and plaited tan belt to compliment it perfectly. It's not the dressiest outfit in the world but that's why I love it. It's simple, chic, I can wear it again and again during my most stylish S/S ever...it's worth it, yes/yes?

The hair bow is from my friend Erica's Etsy shop and while I think I'd ask for one in a pale pink or coral as a custom order, I am in love with this beautiful floral fabric. It'd be the perfect addition to a low side bun for the occasion.

What are you loving for Spring?


  1. i shall see what i can do, my wee pet x

  2. Gorgeous wishlist. I wish spring would hurry up and get it's butt here!

    The collar & bow are the cutest accessories ever!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com