52 Lists // Current & Future Goals

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Start a small business
Start and finish an Open University degree within four years
Raise another puppy as a friend for Sadie
Have savings of over £5000
Learn to play the guitar
Own my own house somewhere out of the way but still close to town
Raise money for a charity
Volunteer for a mental health or children's charity
Marry and have it be for life - for better or worse
Buy a Kitchen Aid mixer (mint green, please)
Never to force my daughters into something they don't want to do
Complete a spending ban challenge
To blog every day for a year
Create a yearbook full of family photos
Build up my credit rating to a respectable level
Pay off every debt I have accumulated in six years
Write an article for a magazine and for it to be published
Make and keep those elusive 'forever friends'
Become body confident and healthy

Appreciate the little things every day
Take care of my grandparents and parents
Love every day with no abandon
Learn to cook five big, healthy meals to perfection
Travel to Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Tokyo, Berlin and Canada
Drive East to West of America in a hired car
Go to Disney World
Go to the Harry Potter experience
Post music covers on YouTube
Perform an acoustic set in a bar
Make my own jewellery
Grow my natural hair past my bra
Make my home a place I want to be daily
Quit smoking for good
Become an early riser
Host a barbecue this summer
Become a person someone would admire
Make my mother and nan proud in whatever I do
Stay in a job longer than a year


  1. That's an impressive list -Good luck with them :)

  2. A really inspiring list - I've just created a similar list (25 before 25) on my blog. I'm determined to achieve as many as possible. A list serves as a great reminder on blue days xxx

  3. This is a really fantastic list! xx

  4. Just found your blog and I'm blown away by your super inspiring list! Are you already an Open University Student? I'm a year of the way through my degree with the OU, which is going to take 6 years, so if you do it in 4 it will be amazing! :)

    Am now your newest follower and look forward to reading about all your adventures as you complete your list.


  5. Check the third last from your list please, I already admire you! xx

  6. This mirrors a list i wrote a few years back , its good to have goals to work to keeps you motivated ! xx