An Introduction

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hi, I'm Laura-Jayne but in spite of formalities, I'm Laura, Laur or Loz.

The first thing you should know about me is that I procrastinate a lot and this is why a) this post was mentioned two weeks ago but is only now being posted and b) I have forgotten to charge the batteries in my camera so I'm using photos from my iPhone. However in certain situations (university work, planning, meeting people, events etc) I am organised to a fault. I hate wearing shoes in my house so my feet are usually dirty. I believe in deliveries of fresh flowers, cheap wine and expensive cheese. I'm tall so perfectly respectable looking dresses often don't look respectable on me but instead of leaving them in the shop I wear them with opaque tights, even in warm weather. I look best with ginger hair and if I take off my glasses I can't see more than four inches in front of my face. I have fat fingers and have trouble finding rings that fit so when I do find a pretty adjustable ring it's like Christmas has come early. Speaking of Christmas, I really love Christmas.

So, if you haven't guessed, this is a 'get to know me' piece. This is a 'get to know me' blog really as it's going to follow me as I figure out who I am. I think I have it pretty sussed but life has a way of making you realise you truly know nothing. In ten years I'll look back on my early twenties self (at 24 I am early twenties) and laugh. I'd best give her something to laugh about.

I drink pretty much anything apart from sambuca, straight vodka or apple cider but my favourite spirits are gin and whiskey. My favourite perfume is Chanel No5 but I am too poor to buy a bottle so I steal squirts from my nan. My favourite colours change but right now they're mint green and coral. I am a matte lip fan after some serious issues with hair stuck to my face after spending all my pocket money on a Lancome Juicy Tube many moons ago. I love herbal and fruit tea with sugar and no milk but hate Earl Grey/Yorkshire/traditional English tea. I'm a big coffee fan and you can pretty much espresso me up and get me to do your bidding. I have a labrador named Sadie. I type exceptionally fast (120 words per minute with no errors) and can write well but when I speak I'll make you think I got a D in GCSE English. I have a gap between my front right tooth and the next tooth along where I fell and took a chunk out of my gum but I'm too afraid of the dentist after the wisdom tooth debacle of 2012 to get it filled. I was a ballroom, latin and modern sequence competitive dancer for ten years. I can sing but don't choose to unless I'm filled with a concoction of various alcohols of varying percentages in which case I belt out Alannah Myles' Black Velvet like there's no tomorrow.

When I was ten or eleven I hated how far my hairline came down so I shaved it off. Guys, never do that. I had a trufty stump for months and it took me two years to grow it to a point where it looked normal. I have a love of horror films but an intense fear of spiders and clowns. I've had four proposals from the same man even though we've never called off our engagement. I have an obsession with squeezing spots and blackheads. I hate aniseed. I have a 'type' of man - short shaved hair, beard or stubble, built like a rugby player with chest hair but yet I find Chris Hemsworth (especially as Thor), Ryan Gosling and David Boreanaz more attractive than is healthy. My favourite comfort food is butterscotch Angel Delight. I bake cupcakes when I'm sad but frost them when I feel better. I have bi polar disorder which sounds like fun but really isn't great. I am pretty much unemployable so I'm carving out my own career as a something.

If I've left anything out you can leave questions in the comments and I'll reply to them as soon as I can, ask me on Twitter or email me.


  1. You are completely gorgeous! It was lovely to read this, I tend to remember really bizarre pieces of information so I loved the bite sized style.

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. LOVE this post. Made me laugh and smile and I identified with lots of it!


    Kate xx

  3. I love this! So interesting to learn some more bits and pieces about you :) I also can sing, pretty damn well in my own opinion, but refuse to sing in front of other people in case I'm one of those weirdos on X Factor who actually are awful. And carving out your own career sounds like a marvellous idea. Having heard about your amazing organisational skills, I'm voting you should set up an events company. xx

  4. Love it, I have the same problem with dresses and skirts in fact. I just wear them though and bf tells me off and that I'm not 22 anymore ( I'm 28 sigh)

  5. Woman, you are just amazing aren't you. I love this post. Yay to Sambucca! x

  6. Loved this post, Laura! I also love your orange hair - it is amazing! xx