Sunday, 28 April 2013
Yesterday all of our planning had culuminated in the day. The day of the Cardiff Blogger's Meet. Our being me, Chantele, Georgina. Leanne and Joanna (who unfortunately couldn't attend on the day). From the 10am pick up from Newport to the hour and a half goodie bag packing with all of our separate goodies to contribute to the knack of getting 30 huge Ollie & Nic bags into a car packed with four women to waiting on help from the lovely Charli, Leanne Marie and Christina to carry these bags to the venue - it was lively behind the scenes but did it go well? You bet it did!

The venue was the fabulous Brewhouse where we had live music throughout from the main restaurant downstairs and was kindly booked by the lovely Jenny.

Unfortunately I didn't take very many photos and instead I tried my hand at video blogging (vlogging) for the day. I've linked the video below and while it's not very good as editing is harder than I anticipated, I tried. Gold star for me. In the video you'll see everything from behind the scenes to the actual event to a snippet of what was in our bags so it's worth a watch, if only to tell me my editing needs serious work. For the purpose of this blog post i have stolen photos from Georgina's blog post here.

Inside the venue we all ate amazing freshly cooked food, had demonstrations and talks from Lush staff who were the sweetest girls and got to take away a few samples of their amazing Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. With 2 for 1 deals on cocktails, a few little giveaway prizes donated by The White Stuff and Crafty Creatives everyone truly had a great time (I think - tell me if you didn't).

We moved on to Crabtree & Evelyn for hand treatments and shopping before heading down the road to watch a fashion show. Now, I've seen fashion shows styled by the ever-lovely JP before but it was so much better with blue skies and the sun beaming down. The models danced to upbeat songs while showcasing the latest from companies and designers inside St David's shopping centre and we got to have a little Q&A with him afterwards (after he signed a few autographs for his mini JPeople, of course - so cute) and I grabbed him for a little run through of his outfit on video. I want it. All of it.

After that most of us went our separate ways except a few who decided the best idea would be a bit of shopping before heading for the train home. I did pick up some gorgeous things from Dorothy Perkins which I'll no doubt show you very soon. For now, I'll leave you with the vlog from yesterday complete with me and my strained voice and I'll leave the big brand thank-you's for another day.

Thank you all for coming, you truly made it what it was!


  1. This sounds like SO much fun! Too jealous. I MISS CARDIFF SO MUCH. :( xx

  2. Looks like is was a brilliant day! The goodie bags look amazing!

  3. Looks like you ladies had fun!


    XOXO Sade

  4. You did great with the vlog Laura!! And your accent is gorgeous! xx