Friday Fashion #2

Friday, 5 April 2013

This is the outfit I wore to the Next blogger event (post coming tomorrow on that). It's a sheer cream pussy bow blouse, grey pinafore, cream lace blazer and two pairs of Primark's finest thick black tights. What I didn't realise until I'd taken these photos and until I was on the train into Cardiff was that one of these tights had a huge ladder in which you can clearly see in the photo and which was visible but all in all, I didn't mind too much as it was cold today. What happened to Spring? Will we ever see it? Today while I was taking these photos it started to snow. Snow. In April. My mind wants lighter fabrics and spring tones but my body is telling me that I'm inappropriately dressed for the weather...again.


  1. i maintain that jacket is the prettiest jacket alive. so, there.

  2. I loved this outfit on you Laura!!

  3. At least there's a ladder in only one pair and you had a back up!! I love the blazer, and the handbag is just gorgeous! x