Friday Fashion: Wedding Edition

Friday, 12 April 2013

As some of you may know, after two children and many years of being engaged, boyfriend and I have decided to do it. To get hitched. It solves my name debate for one and it's also something I've wanted for years so to finally say "Yes, we're doing this. No more waiting" is incredible.

Only now I have real problems.

We're on a tight budget and we're very lucky that we both want an intimate wedding with traditional elements but no traditional church, reception deal. I'm not saying I wouldn't like it but I wouldn't love it. It's not me. I'd be afraid of tipping wine on the hired linen and no doubt I'd feel completely out of place in a hotel or castle. I feel out of place simply visiting these places let alone hiring one out to declare my love for a man. No thank you. So instead we're opting for a simple registry office wedding (we're not sure if it'll be a ceremony or a sign and done deal just now) and a receptionless reception. No receiving line, no top table with formal toasts or speeches. It'll be about us and our off-beat, unconventional relationship. But enough about the wedding that's not nearly as formed as I'd like it to be, let's get on to the real event. The clothes.

I've always wanted a lace dress. I'm not into a truck full of rhinestones, cathedral veils and shiny satin-y materials. I want lace with sleeves, cap or otherwise. In my dream world I'd have an intricate lace slightly more fitted then A-Line but not really dress with opulent back detail and lace sleeves. Sadly I think that the dress may be too much for what we're going for so now I'm torn. I could go with a tea length dress of the same style or a floral number which many of you on Twitter told me you adored. I still haven't made my mind up. The bridesmaids (there are two and it is so difficult finding a dress to suit them both) will be in a nude blush pink. The style may be negotiable but not the colour.

So while it is very early days for the little wedding, I hope to keep you updated on progress, especially as I plan to do a lot of it myself in regards to the invitations, decorations, food and cake. No doubt there'll be plenty of updates, recipes and ideas that I'll throw around hoping you'll bounce them off me for inspiration and to quell doubt.


  1. Wooo! How exciting lady, I am sure you will look beautiful in what ever you wear! xx

  2. Wooow!!!! I have obviously not been a very good tweet reader lately, but I'm so happy for you! I love everything you have mentioned/shared pictures of above - beautiful! xx

  3. Love your wedding ideas. Totally understand you not wanting to get married in a church or some extravagant venue. Love your idea of a lacy dress too and being on a tight budget sounds like a fun challenge! I'd want to do the invitations, food etc if I ever got married! Good luck with organising everything and I hope you manage to track down the dress of your dreams xxx

  4. So exciting your tieing the knot! Looking forward to updates on everything, when me and the fiance eventually get round to it we too will be on a tight budget and I want to do a lot myself! x

  5. Get online lady, you'll get a beautiful lace dress in you budget I'm sure. I think lace is gorgeous for wedding even unconventional ones, look forward to hearing more details

  6. Your wedding ideas already sound so beautiful! I'm nowhere near that stage in my own life, so I can't wait to read about your wedding. I can see a lot of Pinterest surfing! x

  7. Wow! How exciting, congratulations!!! If you haven't already check out Vivien of Holloway, she makes a beautiful lace dress which doesn't break the bank. So looking forward to reading about your plans :)

    Kate x

  8. Ooo everything looks lovely :) I'm planning my wedding as well (August for me) and our inspiration photos are pretty similar!