Office Progress

Monday, 8 April 2013

So, here is the semi-finished product. At first I wanted the room to be soft, calming and minimal as seen in last week's Wednesday Wishlist but it didn't turn out that way. After seeing the beautiful soft furnishings at Next last week I got a bit carried away with colour and opted for sky blue, hot pink and yellow tones. Do they clash? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. I really love the overall effect of the colours playing with each other rather than boldly clashing.

So I have the bed which at the moment is decked out with Next daisy chain bedding, a sky blue fleece throw, my adorable pug pillow and a beautiful watercolour cushion that is so soft I use it to cuddle up to while reading. Opposite the bed I have my desk that was ever so kindly donated to me by Georgina which I revamped with a little wrapping paper on the drawers. I use this desk to write (or more likely to tweet) so I picked up this surprisingly comfy pink toned coral fold up chair in B&M for a mere £6.99 and added trinkets to the top to feel a bit more homely. The reed diffuser scents the room with strawberries and cream which is so beautiful with a bit of fresh air in there and instead of a bright desk lamp I coiled a string of fairy lights around some wooden roses as they give off the perfect glow for a small space. I originally thought the hot pink shaggy rug would be too much but I honestly really think it works. What do you think?

There's still more to be added with wall art coming, a little white metal 'shabby chic' shelving unit to go between the foot of the bed and the wall to store make-up in and a desk mirror but all in due course. So far this entire room has cost me £9 to furnish thanks to freebies and re-purposing things I already had and I feel it's coming along pretty nicely. Any suggestions as to what I could add?


  1. I really love what you've done with the room! Especially the draws and the lights around the roses.

    Lauren x

  2. Love the drawers and the pink rug! It fits perfectly, i think! xx