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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

18" full head clip in extensions in medium brown - £33.99 from here*

Before I started my love affair with synthetic hair of all kinds, I was deeply in love with human hair. That love ran so deep that I would spend my money extending my own hair with human hair of others. Clip in's, glue in's, weaves, microrings; I've had them all. I have rarely grown my own hair past my shoulders since I was a teenager and with extensions readily accessible, I had the best of both worlds. I have tried some truly shocking 'human hair' extensions and some excellent quality extensions that I would repurchase and recommend time after time if they're within budget.

I was recently sent this set and I have to say that I am very pleased with them. For £33.99 you don't expect the thickest, shiniest or best quality 100% remy human hair but you do expect wearable hair and wearable hair is what I received. These extensions aren't extremely thick but they are thick enough to make my shoulder length hair look naturally fuller and longer. I usually prefer lots of volume but I've found that with these people rarely ask if I'm wearing extensions as they would before. They truly do look like your own hair. I'd recommend buying two packs if you're really into the big hair or adding a clip in quick fix for a slightly less Essex amount of volume.

The colour is pretty much spot on. The extensions are more red toned than my ash brown colour but they blend so well that it's really impossible to tell unless you're under a flash or natural bright light. My friend Erica commented on how naturally they blended almost right away. I can confirm that they are human hair as I've both straightened them and curled them. I prefer my extensions with a hint of a wave for more volume that suits my face but they arrive sleek, soft, straight and shiny (too many 's' words?) ready to put in and head out. Once you curl them they do lose their intense shine and I had to put a little oil on the ends to stop it looking so flyaway but it's natural hair - that happens with your own freshly washed hair. The clips are sturdy and I have had no problem with their grip or with them staying in, even without backcombing the roots.

You do need to treat these with a bit more care than your own hair as they don't have the natural oils from your scalp to protect them. Oils, deep conditioning treatments and leave in conditioner can all help when washing to retain their natural, healthy shine and bounce and stop them looking dry or tired.

I am very pleased with these and they've become my daily wear hair. I usually wear my hair half up, half down and these add that little more volume and length the style can require on my face shape. I'd definitely recommend these for someone looking to add natural length and they also come in natural colours that can be dyed to match your own and lengths from 16"-22". What's not to love?

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