Sunday Showcase - Danielle Bevan-Jones

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Every Sunday I shall be posting a 'Sunday Showcase' post which I'll use to show you something I am really loving be it a person, a blog, a collection of items from a brand, a band...the possibilities are vast and I'll try to vary my posts so they're not all bloggers I know and love. This week I'm choosing to feature one of my best friends Danielle who you can find on her blog here or generally in her work as a journalist for Chaat! Magazine.

To start off with, we met because she was working in a bar I frequented and she confiscated my alcohol. Don't worry, she gave it back. I paid £7 for that bottle of vodka and a lot more in dignity to smuggle it in. We bonded over having daughters of a very similar age and we became fast friends. Since that first meeting I've witnessed her blossom from a university student to a graduate who has not only been involved in charity work but has become an Ambassador for the Endometriosis SHE Trust UK and a radio show host for the international online show The Pelvic Messenger. Having endometriosis herself she takes pride in being able to educate others on this incurable condition that affects many more women than are accurately diagnosed appearing on local radio shows, organising demonstrations in central London and even making a short film about hers and others struggles to finding the truth and the possibility of a future cure.

Alas, that isn't all. She's also a mother, a girlfriend, a full-time worker and still manages to find time to act and present. Being heavily involved with the TV show at university and continuing to act and present, she has applied to become the next Blue Peter presenter. Anyone from the UK who knows of this programme will know that it's the career opportunity of a lifetime and once you've been there the possibilities are simply endless in the future. For Dani who has dreamed of being a Blue Peter presenter since she was a child herself, this is a really big deal. So she has sent in her application and now we wait. I say we because I have decided I am a huge part of this too. I have helped her blossom *cough cough*. Beneath this is her application. If you like it, share it, give it a thumbs up, tell her you like it, tell me you like it - just shout it from the rooftops because this girl is golden and I'd be a worse person without her in my life.


  1. She's so gorgeous, and sounds like a brilliant person- I'm sure she'll do well with her Blue Peter application, I'd imagine she's exactly what they'd be after. Good luck Danielle! (Also, I love that she confiscated your alcohol. Chuckled a LOT at that) xx

  2. Good luck to her for her blue peter application! I'm sure 'now we wait' will include your readers too now :)

    Lauren x