Sunday Showcase // Getting Wiggy With It

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Today I'm bringing you the latest collection of wigs from the ever brilliant Hair Passion.

You know how much I love changing my hair length, style and colour but my natural hair is in such bad condition after bleaching to go to the orange shade I have now so when I fancy a style change, I pick up a wig. I'm in love with these new Forever Young wigs from Hair Passion where there really is something for everyone. I don't suit short hair so the pixie crop wig isn't my choice for me but my choice for some of you who I've seen express interest in going shorter but who don't want the commitment (it also comes in light blonde and auburn). The rest I would 100% purchase for their sleek styles, soft curls and I'm a bit in love with the shoulder length scrunched curl look. It's not something that would usually draw my eye but I've been lusting for a few days just wondering if it would suit me.

All wigs retail from between £9.99 and £15 so it wouldn't break the bank in the slightest to try something new every month.


  1. hey i dunno if it's me or you, but all your pics are showing up stretched?? oddddddd... x

  2. I love the scrunched one! That's what my perm looked like when it was first done. Sadly, 6 months on, it's starting to drop out and I have to actually scrunch it with mousse to get it to look like that! xx