TAG - Spring

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I was tagged by the fabulous Ashleigh to do this Spring post.

What’s your favourite Spring nail polish?

I like to switch between pastels and bright colours in spring so Essie's Mint Candy Apple (a beautiful light mint green) and NARS Thakoon in Kutki (a sky blue) are two favourites.

What is your must-have lip colour this Spring?

Coral! Every spring I start looking for the perfect coral lipstick. I'm currently loving Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick in 110 which is a bright pink lipstick with coral tones. I'm not a huge fan of the nude lip as my big lips look a little silly whitened out but MAC Creme Cup is a fantastic nearly nude shade that flatters me for more of a toned down look.

Show us your favourite Spring dress?

I don't own it yet but my favourite dress that I have to own is this dress by Lady V London. It would be perfect with ballet flats, flip flops, sandals, brogues, heels - it's just perfect, okay?

What’s your favourite flower?

I love gypsophila, hydrangeas and peonies. A bouquet of them all would just be perfection.

What is your favourite Spring scarf/accessory?

I don't own any spring scarves, although my winter scarves were made of a very light fabric. My favourite accessory would have to be floral hairbands and bows. Hair accessories with flowers or a floral print are right up my street. I'm obsessed with the Crown and Glory tea rose headbands.

What Spring trends are you most excited about this year (fashion, makeup or both)?

I'm excited for denim and lace (denim shirs, lace skirts, denim and lace dresses, tights - perfection), florals and maxi skirts.

Favourite Spring candle?

I'm not in love with any spring candle right now but I am in love with Next's luxury reed diffuser in Antigua. It's beautiful and currently scents my kitchen. I tend to stick to my usual sweet vanilla baking scents when it comes to candles.

Favourite body spray/perfume?

My ultimate is the original Marc Jacob's Daisy. I first bought a bottle when I was nineteen and five years later is still my favourite spring and summer wear perfume. I'm also addicted to The Body Shop's vanilla perfume which is very sadly discontinued now. The body spray is a similar alternative but it isn't as perfect as the original which I have been wearing for almost a decade.

What is Spring like where you live?

Spring makes everything better here. I live in a city just outside of Cardiff that is kind of run down and constantly has works going on in the city centre. When the flowers are in bloom and rays of sunshine cut through the old buildings it can look rather beautiful. The rose tinted view of home, I guess. However there are areas of the city that are perfect in Spring.

What’s your favourite thing about Spring?

I love the colours, the weather which is perfect for my cardigan and tights loving self, the lighter evenings, the flowers and the general feeling of spring which just promotes a fresh start, healthier food and lots of wine.

Are you a Spring cleaner?

I am. I love to add new brighter pieces to my home after I've done a good thorough clean and organise. I love being able to throw open the back door and windows and let air into the house too. It instantly feels cleaner and more fresh.

Any plans for a Spring break or upcoming vacation?

I'm meeting some blogger friends over the next few weeks, updating my wardrobe to include brighter colours and eating a lot more salad. There are no holidays to speak of but there'll be lots of dog walking in the milder weather and picnics in the park when it heats up just a little more.

So I tag you all to do this if you fancy it but I'll link these favourites to coerce them a bit more: Kirsty, Erica, Rhiannon, Amy, Tilly and Alice.


  1. Nice blog. A little bit of everything, it's fun to read. I might actually stay up tonight reading your old posts :)

    Because of London.

  2. So many people love Marc Jacobs daisy, I got some as a present but never really liked it, too sweet for me. Ashleigh tagged me too can't wait to share this

  3. Great tag! I think I'll give it a go, will post a link then I'm done :)
    Catriona Louise x

  4. I also love Essie's Mint Candy Apple for spring - for me it's a perfect spring color. Essie's Lilac is also great for spring :)

    Robyn xox

  5. All done! :) Here's my attempt: http://undertheappletree18.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/spring-tag.html ~ Catriona Louise x

  6. Lovvvvve that one of the things you love about spring is that it calls for more wine :-) I will also accept the challenge and post a wee something this weekend! Hurrah!xx