What Laura Did: The Welsh Weekend - Rhan Dau

Monday, 1 April 2013

On Saturday we woke up to the smell of a cooked breakfast courtesy of the boyfriend. He prepared orange juice, bacon, eggs, sausages, toast and beans for Erica, Dean and I before we set off on the great public transport adventure for the second time. By way of a bus, a trip to Costa and Primark and another bus we finally got off in the Welsh capital, albeit it the wrong side of the centre. Due to the rugby happenings at the Millennium Stadium, Westgate Street was closed meaning we had to walk for around fifteen minutes in the unseasonably cold weather to get to the train station and be reunited with Rebekah and Laura who we found taking photos of Welsh words on their iPhones and carrying Urban Outfitters bags. We scored cheap train tickets to Caerphilly and after a little wandering to get to the platform ended up on a fifteen minute journey to a town just outside of Cardiff and home to more shops than on Newport's high street put together.

The castle itself is beautiful. It's a big old ruin surrounded by houses, shops, water and a lot of wildlife that I swear stared at me rather menacingly. After a lot of photo opportunities, some wandering around, watching people get into holes that weren't made for the intent of person housing and complaining about the ridiculously cold weather, we left and holed up in a pub where I'm not sure the bar staff had ever been asked for a pint with 'extras' (that'll be a pint of cider with a lemonade top and a lager with a dash of lime). It was warm, we talked, we laughed and we ate surprisingly good food for the price (£5.95 for two meals).

The journey home was tumultuous thanks to the rugby again as there were still no buses leaving from the bus station and so we had to get a train. Twenty seconds from the station the ticket inspector charged us £4.60 for a single to Newport each and we went on to find that those tickets wouldn't have been needed to get through the gates in Newport regardless so that was a waste of money. I didn't take photos of the rest of the night since when I got home I cwtched down with my girls to watch Doctor Who, had them fall asleep on me before Erica and Dean came back from checking in to their hotel and cooked us a delicious lasagna complete with salad and wine. I could really get used to such tasty food I don't have to cook myself, put it that way.

By this point they will all be on their way back to London and so I wish them a decent (and shorter) journey home. I can't wait to get down to London to visit them again in a few months for a day or two. Internet friends really are just as great as 'organic' friends you meet in a pub, if not better. So thank you Erica for reigniting my passion for doing things and for being so wonderful as I'm now going to stalk you.


  1. that last pictures hilarious :)

    I've not been to wales for ages, looks like you had fun xx

  2. Great pictures :) looks like it was a fun day :) x

  3. I love Caerphilly castle! My housemate and I went when we had all the snow and it was beautiful! Sorry to hear you had such a mare getting back home. Cardiff is a nightmare on home match days but at least Wales won the rugby so that's worth it!
    Nina from little nomad

  4. Sounds like a fab weekend. I love Caerphilly Castle, it always surprises me when I see it as I forget that it is practically sat on top of the shops! x

  5. This sounds like a lovely second day :) I love Caerphilly castle- some friends and I had a lovely day there last June. Cardiff can be a bit of a pest on match days but at least the atmosphere is awesome! xx

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Great photos and I cannot wait to hang with you next month! <3

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com

  7. I love Wales since i moved here ive never regretted it, such beautiful history!

  8. Awww what a lovely weekend you seem to of all had. I haven't been to Wales for years, I really have to go one day, seeing as I'm half Welsh and all. Great pictures x